5 Myths About Car Accidents Debunked

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Separating facts from fiction is imperative when you’re involved in an auto, truck, or motorcycle accident. It’s advisable to seek the services of an attorney to ensure that your legal rights are adequately represented. Many people have these common misconceptions regarding traffic accidents and the procedure of filing a lawsuit or an insurance claim. We want to help you realize the truth so these misconceptions don’t hinder you from filing a case.

  1. Accidents are always caused by bad driver behavior
    It’s popular belief that auto accidents are always caused by negligence and risky driver behavior. Despite the fact that driver negligence is a major contributing factor, numerous other circumstances can lead to such accidents. These can include vehicle design, equipment on board the car, and road conditions.
  2. You cannot sustain serious injuries in minor accidents
    Seek medical attention immediately after leaving an accident scene. Even if the injuries you sustained are seemingly minor, there could be a more serious, or even life-threatening, condition lying underneath. Such critical conditions could affect your overall health or require expensive treatment, and auto accident medical costs often run into thousands of dollars.
  3. If you’re partly at fault, you cannot file a claim against another motorist
    Even if you’re involved in an accident in which you are partly to blame, such as a collision or crash, you may still be entitled to compensation. Advice that only an experienced car and truck accidents lawyer can provide will help you obtain damages, provided the other party responsible holds more than 50% accountability.
  4. A claim is only worth the maximum insurance company’s maximum offer
    A common myth is that the insurance company is always on your side. This is not entirely accurate because these companies are businesses, which constantly seek ways of increasing profit margins. A general approach is to undervalue (or totally deny) auto accident claims.
  5. Accident attorneys are too expensive to hire
    This is a costly misconception that leaves you vulnerable to getting your claim shortchanged. At Parnall Law Firm, we offer consultation free of charge, and won’t charge you anything until your case has been won. Involvement in an auto accident can be truly life changing, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Call us today at 505-268-6500 to get started on your case.