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Logan Wexler

Before joining Parnall Law, I worked in Personal Injury law for 3 years, handling mostly trucking accidents, pharmaceutical cases, Roundup cases, and premises liability cases. I came to Parnall Law because I wanted to represent people who are in danger of being mistreated by insurance companies.

I attended the University of Texas School of Law and graduated in 2019. Immediately after graduating, I became a public defender in Albuquerque representing individuals charged with crimes. This practice was meaningful and fulfilling, but I wanted to try personal injury and work alongside my brother, Noah, who has made a career in the business of personal injury law. I found that personal injury was a type of law that I could excel in given the right environment, and Parnall Law is exactly that.

When you are my client, I will make sure that you are kept informed about the process of your case, and the legal backdrop that will govern the results in your case. It is my honor to educate my clients about insurance companies and defense attorneys, and the tactics they employ as they try to diminish the value of my clients’ cases.

As I learned in my time as a public defender, the process is the punishment. I find that adage to be true for my current clients as well. The headache doesn’t end until the case is over, which can sometimes take months or even years. It’s my job to help my clients navigate all of the problems the legal system will throw at them.

In my spare time, I like to play the piano and produce electronic music.

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Logan Wexler