Parnall Law Supports Make-A-Wish® New Mexico

Updated October 2023

Attorney Bert Parnall and Parnall Law are committed to being active community partners and supporting worthwhile charitable and local organizations. The dedication of our compassionate attorneys and staff to giving back to the community is part of what distinguishes Parnall Law. We understand that it is a privilege to be in a position to help others and that our efforts can transform lives in a positive way. We give our time, energy, compassion and talent to those clients in the most desperate of situations. It seemed like an obvious choice to partner with the advocates involved with the charitable organization Make-A-Wish® New Mexico.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation helps make the dreams come true of children who have life-threatening medical conditions. A magical Make-A Wish experience starts with a simple referral. Children may be referred to the Make-A-Wish® organization by a parent, guardian or medical professional who is associated with the child’s care.  For children who may only have so much time left to dream, Make-A-Wish New Mexico plays a vital role.

In such circumstances, Make-A-Wish New Mexico—through its many kind and compassionate employees, volunteers and donors—brings joy and meaning to children and families who have limited time to be together.

The Power of Dreams

The wish fulfillment experience can be transforming for families and for the sponsors.

A wish come true can make a child feel energized and provide added motivation to battle a life-threatening medical condition.

A majority of medical staff believe that a wish can positively affect a patient’s health, Make-A-Wish says. It may help a child feel better emotionally and physically, and provide a positive focus.

The joy of performing an act of kindness can be contagious as well! When your friends and business associates learn about your charitable activity, they may find themselves more motivated to undertake their own charitable giving. Seeing the joy in the face of a child is its own reward.

In 2020, Parnall Law Firm sponsored the Make-A-Wish New Mexico 8th Annual Wine & Wishes virtually.

“These Make-A-Wish kids they have life threatening conditions, critical illnesses through no fault of their own or others so it’s a big boost when society comes in to honor and acknowledge their struggle,” said Bert in his interview with KRQE. “Parnall Law we just like to play a small part in helping grant a big wish, a dream that they have you know, these kids have simple but elegant dreams and a short or unknown time to achieve them so we’re just trying to help them along and achieve some degree of strength and hope and joy.”

Granting Wishes in Albuquerque

Across the nation, Make-A-Wish grants a wish to a child on average every 34 minutes, according to the foundation. Make-A-Wish chapters serve all 50 states.

Wish granting takes place at the local level. Make-A-Wish New Mexico grants more than 100 wishes every year.  Wishes come in all sizes and shapes. Each wish granted is driven by the child’s interests and personality. Every wish holds the potential to have a positive impact on children, families and even entire communities. Each Make-A-Wish chapter depends on the support of companies and individuals in the communities it serves. Through the efforts of generous supporters, Make-A-Wish® New Mexico has granted life-changing wishes to more than 1,800 children since the statewide chapter was founded more than 30 years ago.

There are always more volunteer giving opportunities available and many ways to provide support, even if you are unable to volunteer your time. Many wishes involve air travel for children and their families. Simply by donating your unused airline miles at, you may help enrich a child’s life and make dreams come true. Having a hand in fulfilling a child’s dream is the kind of gift that makes the giver thankful to be able to give.

At Parnall Law, we understand what it is like to be thankful to give. Bert Parnall has surrounded himself with a caring team of attorneys and staff who share his passion for giving back to the community and helping those in need. Justice is a journey, and we are glad to be able to help Make-A-Wish New Mexico, and their children, walk together in more glorious friendship.

Recently in 2023, Bert Parnall had the opportunity to help Make-A-Wish New Mexico by funding the Parnall Law Wish Room to help future children. Watch the heart-warming video of Ty cutting the ribbon:

If you would like to like to bring hope and strength to the life of a child and create lasting memories for families, contact Make-A-Wish New Mexico at (505) 888-9474 to find out how you can help.

Make-A-Wish Events Sponsored by Parnall Law

Bert Parnall and Parnall Law have had the privilege of sponsoring parties for three children chosen by Make-A-Wish® New Mexico. Read the details below:

Knox’s Star Wars Drive-By Birthday Party

One of our Make-A-Wish Kids, Knox, was having a milestone birthday soon and given his medical condition it is a quite a miracle!  Knox was celebrating his 10th birthday and his nurse was coordinating a drive-by birthday party. Everyone decorated their vehicles in the Star Wars theme because his Wish was to have Chewbacca send him off to Disney World in Florida and then meet him there to roam around the park.

Isabella’s Frozen-themed Party and trip to Disneyland

Isabella is one of our Make-A-Wish Kids and she LOVES the movie Frozen, and can repeat every single line as it’s being spoken. Naturally, her wish was to go to Disneyland, and especially to meet Elsa. Parnall Law was glad to be able to grant her wish – and to have “Elsa” appear at the party celebrating the wish. Our receptionist, Maymie, plays “Elsa” at birthday parties and was glad to come talk, and sing, to Isabella!

Reid’s Shark-themed Party and Trip to San Diego

Reid loves SHARKS! So naturally, his gift came from a law firm! He wanted to go to Sea World in San Diego, and Parnall Law was able to send him. We told him all about the sharks he could see, including the smaller ones you can pet in the open tanks near the entrance. He also made plans, with his parents, to do a “swim with the sharks.” He drew some wonderful drawings that he sent to Parnall Law, some of which are below:

Tavien’s Mickey Mouse-themed Party and Trip to Disneyland

Tavien loves Disneyland, and wanted to go there with his family and caregiver. Parnall Law had a wonderful “Mickey Mouse” party where we got to meet and talk to Tavien and his family. He was showered with gifts like a big stuffed Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse t-shirts, and other forms of Mickey, as well as other Disney characters.