Nelson Knight – Attorney at Law
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Nelson Knight

I started my legal career as a prosecutor in the Dallas County District Attorney’s office. While there, I tried over 100 Jury trials, ranging from DWI to Capital Murder.

In 2001, I entered private practice in Dallas and worked for a large civil litigation firm, handling mass-tort litigation and commercial litigation. After a few years of that, I realized that I was better suited helping individuals who found themselves up against large entities, like the government or large corporations. For the next 20 years, I represented people accused of crimes throughout Texas and some who were injured due to the fault of others. I tried many more cases during these years and am proud to say I have helped thousands of people with legal problems during that time.

I came to New Mexico to continue helping individuals and took a job with the Law Offices of the Public Defender in Santa Fe. While there, I continued to help people who were accused of crimes in the northern New Mexico area.

Ultimately, having heard great things about Parnall Law and all the people they were helping, I realized that I sure would like to be part of that group and continue to help people with legal issues. However, this time, the people I would be helping would be true victims who were hurt due to the negligence of others.

It is truly rewarding work and the clients are so appreciative for the help that we are providing them. I can’t think of a better use of a law degree.

When not working, I enjoy fly fishing in the many rivers of New Mexico, playing golf and spending time in the outdoors.

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Nelson Knight