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Albuquerque Motorcycle Accident Attorney

There’s a freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle, but there’s also a fear that other drivers won’t share the road and respect your space. Every day, a motorcyclist is injured or killed in New Mexico traffic collision. All too often, the crash was caused by a negligent driver who was not looking or paying attention.

At Parnall Law, our dedicated personal injury attorneys have spent many years standing up for the rights of motorcyclists and their families after terrible accidents.

We take an aggressive approach in these types of cases because, unfortunately, we’ve found that insurance companies often try to unfairly blame motorcyclists or otherwise shortchange them during the payout process.

How Our Albuquerque Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Help

When you trust Parnall Law to handle your motorcycle accident claim, we will take action immediately to demand maximum compensation. You can count on our team to act aggressively, decisively, and intelligently in pursuit of payment for you. Specifically:

  • Our dedicated motorcycle accident attorneys will serve as your voice in all matters on your claim. When insurance adjustors and others contact you about your accident, you can send them to us instead of answering all their questions.
  • We will launch an investigation immediately to gather every piece of evidence related to your crash. We will talk to the officers who responded to your accident, as well as any witnesses or emergency medical personnel who were at the scene. We may also work with an accident reconstruction expert to analyze the physical evidence and re-create the crash.
  • Our team will work to identify every liable party and demand appropriate compensation.Depending on the circumstances of your case, this could mean pursuing damages from the at-fault driver or from the manufacturer of a defective part, such as faulty brakes.
  • Our motorcycle crash attorneys negotiate from a position of strength. In many cases, this means we are able to obtain appropriate motorcycle insurance settlements and spare clients from having to go to court. But if the insurance company’s offers do not meet our client’s expectations, we are always prepared to take the case before a judge and jury.
  • We go the extra mile to take care of you while you focus on recovery. If you need medical treatment, we know physicians and specialists who will see you. We can arrange repairs to your bike if needed. For every new client, we immediately send “representation letters” to advise all of your creditors that a claim is underway, and to get them off of your back.
  • We keep you informed every step of the way. Our clients are never in the dark about the status of their claims. We are always available to answer your questions and provide updates.

Remember insurance adjustors, even from your insurance company, are loyal to their employer and the company’s bottom line. Soon after a motorcycle accident, you may receive a settlement offer. Do not sign any paperwork or accept any settlement until you consult with one of our motorcycle accident attorneys.

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Our Parnall Law Firm, LLC – Hurt? Call Bert Albuquerque Personal Injury Lawyers help victims inside New Mexico and our firm is conveniently located near you. We have an office in Albuquerque at 2155 Louisiana Blvd NE, #8000, Albuquerque, NM 87110. Find us with our GeoCoordinates: 35.10296550023512, -106.56989873857647.


Parnall Law Firms Approach to Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash, Parnall Law is here to help. Contact our Albuquerque motorcycle accident lawyers today to schedule a free consultation. Our skilled legal team will investigate the cause of your crash, confront at-fault drivers and their insurance companies, and demand full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Did You Have Some Fault in The Motorcycle Accident?

Reckless motorists are often quick to point the finger at the motorcyclist after an accident. And, unfortunately, motorcyclists can be the object of prejudice among jurors and insurers. At Parnall Law, we fight unfair stereotypes with facts and hard evidence.

How New Mexico’s Comparative Negligence Can Help You

Even if a motorcyclist is partially at fault, our dedicated Albuquerque motorcycle accident attorneys may be able to help. New Mexico follows the doctrine of “comparative negligence,” which means that each person is responsible for his or her conduct that contributed to an injury. But even if an accident victim is found to have contributed to the crash, he or she may still be able to recover compensation, or “damages,” from the other party. For example:

If an injured motorcyclist is 55 percent at fault for an accident, and the defendant is 45 percent at fault, the motorcyclist can still recover 45 percent of the damages he or she is claiming. Even if a motorcyclist is 90 percent at fault, and the defendant is 10 percent at fault, the motorcyclist can recover up to 10 percent of damages.

As your attorneys, it would be our job to present facts that negate any false accusations against you and to protect you from being unjustly blamed.


Steps to Take After An Albuquerque Motorcycle Accident

  1. Don’t take advice from an insurance company.
  2. Schedule a free consultation with our dedicated motorcycle accident attorneys to discuss your claim.
  3. Follow our safety checklist.

We will treat you with honesty and dignity. If we cannot proceed with a claim for you, we will provide any assistance and helpful information that we can.

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If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, you are likely facing medical bills and other monetary losses, as well as the pain and suffering that comes with any traumatic accident like this. You may be coming to terms with a lengthy recovery and/or a life ahead that has been changed forever.

Attorney Bert Parnall has dedicated his legal career to helping accident victims in his hometown of Albuquerque and surrounding Central New Mexico. His team at Parnall Law is committed to holding negligent drivers accountable and fighting for maximum compensation for motorcycle crash victims.

Contact our dedicated Albuquerque motorcycle accident lawyers today to arrange a free case evaluation about your motorcycle accident case. Our attorneys handle motorcycle claims on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not charge anything to get started on your case. Rather, we only get paid if we recover compensation for you. Call or fill out our online form now to get started.