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Hi, my name is Bobby and I’d like to share my experience with Parnall Law Firm. I was on my way home and I was hit by a drunk driver who was traveling 115 mph. It was here in Albuquerque. My vehicle tumbled side over side and end over end right after I went through the big I. It hit the Jersey Barrier. It vaulted all the way to the top of a lamp pole. It broke the lamp pole, slammed on its roof, and slid. As it slid, the roof peeled off and my head dragged on the road for what was measured to be 250ft. When the State Police officer got to the scene he found that my neck was broken, my c3, 4, 5, and 6 were broken, my arm was crushed, and of course my head was bleeding. All of the right side of my head had been dragged on the pavement as my vehicle slid. I was pronounced dead 3 times that night. On my Friday night, I went through the Big I and I woke up 3.5 weeks later. It took me 3 months for me to be able to talk and remember my own name. This is how tragic the wreck was. And, numerous surgeries on my spine, my neck, and my arm. I spent a good portion of that year in the hospital. When I finally recovered enough to go back home, the doctors had told me that my heart was bruised at the wreck and it got infected. And, my heart had to be removed from by body – I had less than 1% chance of recovering they said. But still, that wasn’t all of it. The lack of circulation because my heart had stopped working for a month – my left leg was dying. It had regenerated and half of my left foot had to be removed. My only concern was that I could go home and I went home! And, when I did, I had to learn how to walk all over again. I had to learn how to function. The lady, the drunk driver that hit me didn’t have insurance and she didn’t have a job. And, I had just clocked out at work. My medical bills were extraordinary. And, while I was healing, I was in my house by myself. But, my goal was to get back to work because I knew that I would be paying medical bills for the rest of my life. And, I had to pay for prosthetic brace for my foot and and all my other medical bills. I was introduced to Mr. Parnall and The Parnall Law Firm and I was welcomed in. I felt a sense of relief that something could be done to help me out, when I felt I had no end to this. Yes, I am very satisfied the way they work. They keep in contact with me. They help in ways I couldn’t even imagine that I could be helped. And, if I could recommend the Parnall Law Firm to anyone… in fact I have the opportunity to right now! I do recommend the Parnall Law Firm to anybody and everybody. If you want help from folks who treat you like family, like you have known them since forever, then the Parnall Law Firm is definitely the place to go to. The only thing I would like to add is that I had given up hope on myself, I felt that I was on my own worried that I would be financially devastated, and physically devastated for the rest of my life. Finally, I feel brand new. I feel like my life is back to normal. I feel like I can live life happier or as happy as I did before the wreck. That’s pretty much my story in a nutshell. But, because of the Parnall Law Firm, I am able to live life again. And live a little bit more happier, a lot more happier, than I otherwise would have been able to.


Thanks for all the help and the quickness of closing the case for my mom. They were in constant contact with us and never left us out of any details. I hear stories about other law firms and thank God for Una and Logan and all the staff at Parnall Law Firm, we couldn’t be more grateful for all that you have done! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for hard working, dedicated, professionals! Thank you all for everything!

-Misty Garley

Hi! My name is Christopher McGee and I’d like to share my experience with Parnall Law. Last year right before Thanksgiving I was in a bad car accident and I hurt my back and Parnall took a look at my case, took it right away, and took it like champs.  They were awesome.  They did everything perfect to the T.  After the accident, my day to day life was pretty rough at first. It was hard to get around, having to go to the doctors and everything.  Every step of the way, Paranll was there for me and helped me out.  As I got better, they were with me, they checked on me, they made sure everything was okay with me, and they kept me up to date and let me know what was going on with the case.  Parnall Law treated me with the utmost respect and a 5-star rating.  They just made sure that I was okay all the time, even when it wasn’t necessary they made sure everything was good with me.  They would ask me if there was anything else they could do for me.  They were on top of everything.  My life now after Parnall helped me has changed.  They still even checked on me and really helped me out, bounce back on my feet and get back to regular life.  I was very satisfied with the outcome of the case.  I wasn’t asking for much and got more than I expected.


Hello! My name is Abrionna Burgess and I want to share my experience working with Parnall Law Firm.  Last year, I was involved in a car accident on my way to work and I got a concussion and hurt my back and had to do several months of PT.  Being a teacher, my mental and physical state were affected.  I was not able to perform my job duties which took a toll on my mental health.  Driving was very hard for me.  I suffered from PTSD from the accident.  I felt like Parnall Law Firm was on my side from the beginning.  When I came in here I was in tears because it was very hard to process what happened.  Now I feel that since I worked with Parnall Law Firm and went through my treatment, I feel like I am capable of doing my job again.  I was very satisfied, although it was a timely process. I understand why it was.  Patience is key.  I’m very happy with the outcome.


My experience was excellent! From start to finish I received great care and attention from obviously capable and experienced professionals. The outcome could not have been better. They made it seem too easy. When I was injured, I asked my brother to find a highly rated law office online but they had to also have a large number of responses. Parnall Law has this and I know I made the right choice. Thank you!

-Joseph Thompson

All personnel were generous with their time.The communication betw. Deborah and myself was consistent & timely. Whatever the status of the case, I heard from her frequently with updates. I am overwhelmingly amazed at the recent outcome settlement. Feeling blessed. I give you high praise. .Thank you all at Parnall Law Firm

-Debbie Jaramillo

Hi my name is Tammyra and I am a client at Parnall Law Firm. I saw the commercial and they said if you are “hurt call bert” and hurt to me is any kind of hurt, so I gave them a call. My representation was really thorough and everything worked out good. They treated me like family, they explained everything to me from point A to point Z. It really got me through the tough time after my accident. They met all my needs. Everything that I needed, they were there for me. Any questions I had, they answered them and they called me, they gave me updates on the progress of my case – play by play. Yes, I was very satisfied. Everything went as planned. I enjoyed the services that were given to me. It was just a good service; they really helped me out.


Hi my name is Dennis. I’m here to share my experience with the law firm Parnall and Associates. This was my first time dealing with a lawyer and these people were just absolutely awesome. They were referred to me from another client and these guys were on the money. They told me exactly what we needed to do, how we were gonna do it and the time frame we were gonna be in and we stuck to it all the way through and they delivered. It was just amazing how good, very professional people. They knew exactly what to do, who to go talk to and I had ease of everything from start to finish. I would highly recommend this law firm to anybody who needs their expertise.


Hello my name is Augustin and I’m here with you to share my experience with Parnall Law Firm. I was recently in an accident and I did need attorney services. The representation was great, it was top notch, I can’t say enough good things about the representation that I got and the communication was highly effective and the staff was extremely courteous and helpful to me. I have confidence in the firm because of the communication. I knew exactly what to expect and how to expect it. I was very satisfied with the results. I would recommend everyone to use Parnall Law Firm because they were very courteous, helpful and honest.


Hi, my name is Dudley. I’m here to share my experience with Parnall Law Firm. I liked the commercial on TV that he was from Albuquerque, he went to school in Albuquerque and basically, he was from New Mexico. My representatives were great, they handled everything. Any questions that would come up, all I had to do was stop by or call and they would give me an answer or they would call me back – I got an answer one way or another. When I first came in here, I liked the building, the layout, the people treated me good, they asked me if there was anything I needed. As soon as I would come in here, the lady at the desk there would meet me and ask who I needed to see. She called them right away and I didn’t spend maybe no more than a couple of minutes just waiting. Oh yes, I was very satisfied with the results. I would recommend anybody and everybody to the firm for anything.


Hi my name is Dana, and I’m here today to share my experience with Parnall Law Firm. I came to Parnall law because I was hit in an auto accident and I was having trouble dealing with the insurance company on my own. They were not being fair, not being reasonable and I’d heard good things about Parnall law, and I called them up. There were several things I thought were great about working with Parnall law – first, I got the sense that they cared about me and the accident and dealing with the insurance company even more than I did. Well I built confidence with the firm from the first meeting. They sat down and met with me almost for an hour. They talked with me about my case and about the situation; they told me what to expect from start to finish, so that gave me confidence. The staff at Parnall law were super friendly, respectful and genuinely concerned. I mean, they didn’t just care about me because I was a customer or a client, they genuinely cared about me and I felt that and I would definitely come back here again if I was in another accident. I was very satisfied with the result – more than satisfied. I’d recommend anyone who was in an automobile accident or was hurt in an automobile accident – anyone who was hurt in any aspect of life and if they’re not getting success on their own to get a professional on board and get some help. I’d recommend friends, family and clients.


Representation with Parnall Law was excellent. I felt that when I had a question and called, I was always responded to quickly. The results of the settlement was excellent. The firm was very responsive to my need; they always answered my questions. I just felt good about the human connection of the firm.


Everyone was very friendly when I would call or come into the office, which made me feel more confident in myself. I would recommend Parnall Law Firm to anyone; it’s just a great firm, and wonderful employees.


I was very happy with Parnall Law Firm. On my initial visit, I was reassured that my calls would always be returned by an associate or Bert Parnall himself, in a timely manner. And they were. My claim was processed quickly and I was always kept notified as to what was going on. I am very pleased with Cynthia and Roni, and their professionalism. I am also so happy with Cynthia’s sympathy to what I was going through. Yes, I highly recommend Parnall Law Firm for your personal injury law suits.

-Emilie Chavez

Hello, my name is Jerry. I am here to share my experience with the law firm of Bert Parnall. At a stop light on Indian School Road and Moon, getting ready to go home from the store, I saw this other car come, run the red light, t-boned a car. His car proceeded coming right at me and hit me on the drivers side, in front of the truck. They were so good, so clear in explaining exactly the process that we were going to go through in getting from point A to point B on my case. From my experiences with other law firms, this law firm made every word, every sentence that they directed at me very understandable. The results that we ended up settling were way over and beyond my expectations, so I was very, very happy with that. I just want to say that hopefully I’ll never have to use this law firm or any law firm but if I do, this will be the law firm that I use.


Working with Bert Parnall and associates was both an eye opener and pleasure. I was badly injured and had to turn to someone in order to represent me in my case. The law is very complex, and as I found, very confusing when it comes to insurance companies. Bert made us (wife and I) feel at ease and assured that he would do the best to solve my case. A total of 3 years was spent on the case, which was difficult as I was going through a lot of medical issues from my accident. Bert and his team kept me informed through the whole process, working extremely hard on the case. They were able to uncover some issues that I feel would have been very difficult, if not impossible to do and feel many others would have failed to do so.

The one word I can use to describe Bert is TRUST! You can totally trust he and his associates to do what is right with the law. They are honest, hard working, good folks – the kind we need a lot more of in our world. In my case, I felt like I had to totally expose my whole life. This is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone and they made it as comfortable and confidential as possible. They have a genuine interest in your case, and most of all, in you. There is definable sense of caring that you feel with them. I would put my trust in them without reservation.

The funny thing for me is the slogan: “Hurt? Call Bert.” We used to chuckle when we saw the commercials (in a good way, it’s catching). But now to me it’s more like, “Hurt? Trust Bert.” He and his firm are all stand up folks!!!

-Ray Boucher

I got into a car accident 3 years ago and I didn’t think it was that big of a deal until I found out they wouldn’t pay for my truck and had to call someone for help. After a couple months I found out I had been seriously injured and had to have surgery. So I was really glad I called Bert. After the surgery it has been really tough, I’ve had to re-learn some things, I had to take over 4 months off work, it’s been a rough one, considering I didn’t even think I was that injured, I am so grateful for Bert. I feel great that I called Bert, if it weren’t for Bert and Cynthia I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills being out of work so long. They were always friendly, made me feel good even though I felt guilty I had been in a car accident, when it wasn’t even my fault I felt bad about it. I am so satisfied with the results, I recommend you coming to see Bert and Cynthia at any time.

-John Moore

The way it happened was this: I was injured in 2011 and given the usual runaround by the insurance company for months, before I finally filed a lawsuit in 2013. The case dragged out for more than two years, during which time I got a judgment in my favor but it was worth nothing because I had no idea how to collect it. Finally, I did what I should have done from the start, which was become a client of Parnall Law. From the minute I hired them, the staff of Parnall Law was on top of things. If I had a question, I could call and speak to an actual person and not a recording. If I emailed, I had an answer before the end of the day. When I went into the office, they knew my name. The attorneys and staff at Parnall Law TRULY care about their clients and are committed to helping them. You are not just “a file” at Parnall Law. Once they took over my case, it was done within just a few months and I was finally able to get the money that was owed to me and have some resolution and closure, and a real weight was lifted off my shoulders. No one ever hopes to have to hire a lawyer, but if you need help, this is the place to get it. I’m very glad I came to Parnall Law.

-Gina Manfredi

My name is Frank and I’m here to share an experience I had with Parnall Law Firm. I was in an accident, kind of a construction accident, I fell off some scaffolding and I was hurt so bad that I don’t even remember the accident. I was transported by helicopter to the University of New Mexico hospital. I saw the ad on TV for Parnall Law Firm and I gave them a call and they helped me out. I think the representation was wonderful, I felt very at ease when I came in, they reassured me that they would take care of the bills and I wouldn’t have to really deal with it, so I felt very comfortable. All of the staff was friendly, everybody from the receptionist, to the paralegals, everybody. My lawyer was great, they were just really nice. I was really impressed with Greg Abel, he was my lawyer and Aracely, his assistant were just terrific, they took great care of me and I didn’t really have to worry about anything.

-Frank Ondrusek

The law firm was excellent. All the staff was helpful and friendly. I recommend this law firm to everyone and anyone. Thank you all.

-Kathy Roybal

My name is Desi, and I am here to do a video testimony on Parnall law firm. I was in a car accident like a year ago and my mother actually was in a car accident two years before that and she had recommended Parnall firm, said that they were great and when I came by to meet everybody that was going to work on my case, I was very impressed with the way that they handled things and just the general vibe of the whole firm. I really am happy with my representation, I feel that they were very professional, very kind, very informative on all the matters to do with my case. I have very much confidence in this firm, I think they stand out a lot more than others because it seems like they go out of their way to do more work for you and that really helps a lot because you don’t have to worry about anything for your case. They seem to be very on top, on point with all that. I was very satisfied with the results, yes. I would recommend anybody that’s involved in a car accident injury, or any other case for that matter for this firm. They are very professional, kind people and I think that I would definitely come back here if I had to.

-Desi Car Accident Testimonial

I got into an accident in Santa Fe, me, my sister, and one of my friends. We got hit in a head on collision and I chose this law firm to help us. I told my sister we have to go to Parnall Law Firm because I have confidence in them based on what I’ve been hearing, they are very helpful. We came in and they helped us right away. Everytime when we come in I felt like I was at home because everyone was friendly and nice to us. We were satisfied with everything they accomplished. I recommend them everywhere I go.

-Eddie Tonorio

Hi, my name is Brad Howard and I would like to share my experience with you with Parnall law. I first started using the services because I tried, on my accident, to do it on my own and deal with the insurance company directly and I could tell I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. So I could tell that I needed professional help and so I searched out Parnall law and, boy am I glad I did. Parnall law really represented me very good, very high caliber. They were very professional and made me feel real good about the experience and I was very comfortable with the way everything was progressing. I saw the commercial on TV and I really liked the way that he presented himself. Bert’s commercial was excellent and it made me feel like, you know what, that’s a company I think that I need to contact and see if they can help me. I was very satisfied with the results with Parnall law, they just really know what they’re doing, they’re on top of everything, made me feel really good about everything. Every step of the way I was informed and I had great confidence in the way things were going.

-Bradley Howard

They did an amazing job for us; my girlfriend was terrified by the entire court process and they did a great job holding her hand through it all. And they got her a huge award she never would have gotten without them!

-Erskine Maytorena

Buenas tardes, mi nombre es Emma, vengo a dar mi testimonio de cómo fue mi proceso con Parnall Law.  Mi mamá tuvo un accidente y aquí le resolvieron su problema rápida y legalmente. Sobre mi representación, fue muy justa y muy legal y se resolvió en un tiempo que yo no me lo imaginaba. La oficina fue muy responsable con todas mis necesidades, el personal que trabaja aquí es muy competente, muy respetuoso y amistoso en el sentido que le da confianza a uno a poder uno preguntar sus dudas y todo con respecto al caso de uno. Muy buena persona muy justa muy legal, yo la he recomendado y seguiré recomendando esta oficina a cualquier persona que necesite de servicios de un abogado.

-Emma Suarez

Hi, my name is Penny. I am here to share my experience from Parnall Law. My son was killed in a hit-and-run and I was referred here to them because of how sensitive of an issue it was and they told me that these were the people to go to because they were very sensitive and understanding. They were amazing, they did everything in their power to be able to help us. They did everything very professionally and in such a sensitive way that it was a major impact on my life of how they took care of the sensitive situation that we had. When I had my interview the first time, they were very caring and I could feel that they were generally working, or going to work on my behalf and make sure that the issue was resolved as quickly as possible. The staff were amazing. They always ask if you want something to drink, they always ask you if you are ok, how you’ve been, give you a hug if you needed a hug. They are very caring. I was one-hundred percent satisfied with the results. I refer, friends, family, anyone to this company they are absolutely amazing people.

-Penny Brown-Miera

They are very professional and helped to settle my case when I was not able to do so on my own.

-Leah Thomas

Parnall lawyers were very professional, and helpful. I dealt a lot with Pauline a paralegal who did an excellent job. I would recommend Parnall Law to all who need counsel with their case.

-Gilbert Martinez