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Felipe Downey

Hola. Yo hablo Espanol y soy Latino (mi mama es Chilena).

I have been practicing law now for over 25 years with successful results on behalf of plaintiffs in states as far east as New Jersey, as far north as Idaho, as far south as Texas, and as far west as California. I joined Parnall Law in 2023 because I wanted to work with a New Mexico firm that shared my passion for representing plaintiffs and fighting against the greed of corporations.

For over 23 years my practice focused on wage & hour class action litigation on behalf of hourly workers not paid for all hours worked and representing those seriously injured and killed in truck and car accidents across the USA. My firm recovered tens of millions in unpaid wages against every major meat packer in the USA including, but not limited to, Cargill Meat Solutions cattle slaughter and packing facilities in Pennsylvania, Nebraska & California; Foster Farms poultry processors in California; Indiana Packers pork processors in Indiana and; the world’s largest pork processing plant, Smithfield’s Tar Heel facility in North Carolina, which employed over 6000 workers. Unpaid wages were also recovered on behalf of mine workers, seafood processing workers, and hourly workers in numerous industries. Other areas of practice include Civil RICO, Anti-Trust, and defamation.

I love helping those who have been wronged achieve justice, tweaking the noses of those in power, hitting those who believe themselves to be untouchable, and using the courts to level the playing field for my clients.

When not practicing law, I take comfort in:

Family (I have two adult children) and I used to breed border collies);

Felipe Downy family

Felipe Downey Family

My current dogs (Wilbur & Petey);

Felipe dogs

Travel (I have been to all 50 states);


Cooking (northern Italian food is a favorite);

Felipe cooking


Felipe fishing

And, in a past life, I was a cattle rancher.

Felipe as a rancher