Albuquerque Mothers Against Drunk Driving

At Parnall Law, we’ve seen the devastation caused by drunk driving, which is the #1 cause of death on our highways. Nearly half of all road fatalities are caused by drunk driving. Tragically, every alcohol-related crash is 100% preventable. Bert Parnall wants to be part of the solution. He takes on insurance companies and sues drunk drivers to help accident victims receive compensation for their injuries. But Bert knows that actions speak louder than words, and that’s why he devotes his time and energy to groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). MADD supports victims of drunk driving and advocates for laws to prevent drunk driving accidents.

Bert is an avid advocate for MADD and sponsors the annual Honoring Heroes Dinner (discussed in the video above) where first responders and emergency personnel were honored for the lives they save every day on the job. He and the Parnall Law Team also participate in the annual “Walk Like MADD” Event. The most recent MADD fundraising walk produced more than $20,000 to support programs including the MADD Victim Impact Panels, Victim Outreach Services and monitoring of DWI cases in the court system. They also attend the annual MADD Candlelight Vigil, where victims’ families share memories and comfort each other after the loss of loved ones to drunk driving.

Bert serves on the MADD State Advisory Board and he has been the media spokesman for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. As a spokesman, Bert has been interviewed by local news stations to talk about DWI crashes and to share tips during certain holidays to help keep us all safer on the roads.

As a personal injury attorney Bert has represented many New Mexico residents injured by drunk drivers and seen the pain and suffering that DWI accidents can cause the families of those seriously injured and killed.

Bert Parnall and the Parnall Law Team care about the safety of our community and believe that we must do our part to make Albuquerque a better place to live and raise families. Bert understands the value of giving back to the community. We encourage you to donate your time and money to worthwhile organizations such as MADD.

Making a Positive Impact

It is a privilege to have a positive effect on the lives of others. MADD has many opportunities for volunteers to support victims, advocate for tougher drunk driving laws, prevent underage drinking and share information at community events. When your friends and co-workers learn about your volunteerism, they may be inspired to follow your lead and take part themselves. The non-profit advocacy group does so much to help raise awareness of the deadly consequences of drunk driving and to provide support to accident victims and their families.

The average drunk driver has driven drunk numerous times before an arrest. While suspending a drunk driver’s license is a reasonable step, the frightening fact is many drunk drivers continue to drive with suspended licenses. MADD supported the passage of Arizona’s all-offender interlock law, which went into effect in 2007. As of 2016, there were more than 16,500 ignition interlock devices installed on vehicles in Arizona to prevent convicted drunk drivers from starting their vehicles while intoxicated. These devices stopped 10,245 drunk driving trips in Arizona in a recent 12-month period, according to MADD. These prevented drunk driving trips equate to accidents avoided and many lives saved. Since the ignition interlock law was passed, drunk driving deaths in Arizona have decreased by 45 percent. Yet, many people across New Mexico still die in preventable accidents caused by impaired drivers. Drunk driving is the largest cause of New Mexico road deaths each year. More can be done.

Bert and the Parnall Law Team understand that each of us can be part of the solution to drunk driving and build a safer community with the goal of no more drunk driving victims. In addition to giving our time and compassion to representing victims of drunk drivers, we are active in the communities we serve. The civic involvement of our attorneys in Albuquerque and the communities of Central New Mexico is part of what distinguishes Parnall Law.

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