Hi, my name is Bobby, and I’d like to share my experience with Parnall Law Firm. I was on my way home, and I was hit by a drunk driver who was traveling 115 mph. It was here in Albuquerque. My vehicle tumbled side over side and end over end right after I went through the big I. It hit the Jersey Barrier. It vaulted all the way to the top of a lamp pole. It broke the lamp pole, slammed on its roof, and slid. As it slid, the roof peeled off and my head dragged on the road for what was measured to be 250 feet. When the state police officer got to the scene, he found that my neck was broken; my c3, 4, 5, and 6 were broken; my arm was crushed; and of course my head was bleeding. All of the right side of my head had been dragged on the pavement as my vehicle slid. I was pronounced dead 3 times that night. On a Friday night, I went through the Big I and I woke up 3.5 weeks later. 

It took me 3 months for me to be able to talk and remember my own name. This is how tragic the wreck was. I had numerous surgeries on my spine, my neck, and my arm. I spent a good portion of that year in the hospital. When I finally recovered enough to go back home, the doctors had told me that my heart was bruised at the wreck and it got infected, and my heart had to be removed from by body – I had less than 1% chance of recovering, they said. But still, that wasn’t all of it. Because of the lack of circulation because my heart had stopped working for a month – my left leg was dying. It had regenerated and half of my left foot had to be removed. My only concern was that I could go home, and I went home! And when I did, I had to learn how to walk all over again. I had to learn how to function. 

The lady, the drunk driver that hit me, didn’t have insurance and she didn’t have a job. And I had just clocked out at work. My medical bills were extraordinary. And while I was healing, I was in my house by myself. But my goal was to get back to work because I knew that I would be paying medical bills for the rest of my life. And I had to pay for a prosthetic brace for my foot and all my other medical bills. I was introduced to Mr. Parnall and the Parnall Law Firm and I was welcomed in. I felt a sense of relief that something could be done to help me out, when I felt I had no end to this. 

Yes, I am very satisfied with the way they work. They keep in contact with me. They helped in ways I couldn’t even imagine that I could be helped. And if I could recommend the Parnall Law Firm to anyone … in fact I have the opportunity to right now! I do recommend the Parnall Law Firm to anybody and everybody. If you want help from folks who treat you like family, like you have known them since forever, then the Parnall Law Firm is definitely the place to go to. 

The only thing I would like to add is that I had given up hope on myself. I felt that I was on my own, worried that I would be financially devastated and physically devastated for the rest of my life. Finally, I feel brand new. I feel like my life is back to normal. I feel like I can live life happier or as happy as I did before the wreck. That’s pretty much my story in a nutshell. But because of the Parnall Law Firm, I am able to live life again. And live a little bit happier, a lot happier, than I otherwise would have been able to.