The Shocking Reality of Car Accidents in Albuquerque

Overpass in Albuquerque New Mexico

One of the most acknowledged truths about car accidents is that they can be highly traumatic events. Unfortunately, New Mexico car accidents may present an even greater threat than you’d expect. Our state sadly sees a high rate of dangerous – and sometimes deadly – car crashes on an annual basis. Here is the shocking reality about car accidents in Albuquerque.

New Mexico Has More Deadly Distracted Driving Crashes Than Any Other State

Distracted driving isn’t just dangerous – it can often be deadly. Unfortunately, a study using recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data indicates that New Mexico has the nation’s highest rate of distracted driving fatalities, at almost 41 percent.

Distracted driving includes any task that takes a driver’s hands or attention away from safely operating their vehicle. The most common distractions for drivers include cell phone use, texting, eating behind the wheel, grooming, applying makeup, listening to loud music, engaging in conversations, and daydreaming.

There Were More Fatal Drunk Driving Crashes in New Mexico Last Year Than Any Other Year This Decade

Stepping up DUI enforcement is a top priority in New Mexico. In one recent year, the Albuquerque Police DWI Unit made 697 DWI arrests. However, drunk driving accidents remain a concern for law enforcement and New Mexico residents. According to NHTSA data, 154 people died in New Mexico drunk driving accidents in a recent year.

If you’ve been hurt or lost a loved one in a New Mexico drunk driving accident, Parnall Law will aggressively pursue justice on your behalf. We work with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and provide continued legal support to victims of drunk driving and their families.

Albuquerque Has Some of the Worst Drivers

Do you ever feel like you share the road with some bad drivers? It’s not your imagination. A recent U.S. News & World Report study ranks Albuquerque as the second least safe city in the country for drivers. The poll measured various metrics in making this determination, including:

Only Memphis, Tennessee, beat out Albuquerque as the city with the worst drivers on the road.

61 People Died in Albuquerque Car Crashes in a Recent Year

According to the Albuquerque Police Department, there were 61 fatal car crashes in Albuquerque in a recent year. While this was down from 86 the year before, it still represents about 13 percent of car accident fatalities statewide. In the same year, 467 people lost their lives on New Mexico roads.

Car Accidents Cost Americans $340 Billion Every Year

What are the actual financial costs of car accidents in the United States? A recent NHTSA report estimates that traffic crashes cost Americans almost $340 billion each year. That equates to $1,035 per person in the U.S. Additionally, each life lost in a car accident represents a loss to the economy of about $1.6 million over the course of a lifetime.

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