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motorcycle car accident

At Parnall Law, obtaining the best possible results for our clients is paramount, but seeking results is not our only objective. For us, it’s not just getting the right results in a case that matters, but also that we do it the right way. We’d like to share with you one…

Albuquerque intersections can be very dangerous especially for pedestrians.

An accident can happen anywhere. Yet, there are definitely certain places in Albuquerque that present a higher risk of traffic accidents and injuries, based on our 20 years of representing victims of car accidents. Certain streets and intersections are mentioned regularly in police accident reports and news accounts of crashes….

New Mexico wrongful death attorney

The New Mexico Wrongful Death Act allows monetary recovery for a death that occurs as a result of someone’s negligence. The statute provides that parties seeking recovery can pursue an action if legal recourse would have been available for personal injury. Only certain family members can recover damages as beneficiaries in a wrongful…