The Silent Toll: Drunk Driving’s Unseen Impact on Albuquerque Families

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 10,000 people die annually in drunk driving accidents nationwide. In New Mexico, 1,085 people died in alcohol-related traffic accidents over a ten-year period. Behind these tragic numbers is another class of drunk driving victims in Albuquerque: those the deceased leaves behind. The families of people who die in drunk driving accidents suffer an immense loss they can never fully recover from. Here are some ways these tragedies take a toll on survivors.

Grief from the Loss of Life

The loss of a loved one due to someone’s selfish decision to drive drunk is a senseless tragedy and the source of considerable grief. Those left behind often feel a lingering sense of hopelessness and anger that their loved one suffered a preventable death.

Emotional Distress

In contrast to the numbing grief of a preventable death is the acute sense of emotional distress it often causes. Those left behind often struggle to adjust to the void in their lives and find it difficult to get through everyday tasks.

Financial Impact

Drunk driving accidents can also impose a substantial financial toll on crash survivors or families of those killed by DUI accidents. These collisions tend to cause severe injuries that require expensive medical care. When those injuries prove fatal, the deceased’s family may incur significant expenses, including final medical bills and funeral or burial costs. Losing a loved one who made financial contributions to the family can also have long-lasting consequences for dependent family members who have lost a crucial source of income and stability.

Mental Health Impact

DUI mental health effects for crash victims or surviving family members can include both psychological trauma and mental health disorders. Surviving a drunk driving accident may cause a person to develop survivor’s guilt or PTSD. Accident victims or surviving family members can also experience anxiety or depression over the losses they’ve suffered.

Social Consequences

There are often social consequences for the family of a deceased DUI accident victim. Unable to process their grief, they might withdraw from their social networks, sealing themselves off from the people and activities that once brought them joy. Young children can suffer from the loss of parental guidance if they lose a parent in a drunk driving accident. Crash victims and surviving family members may need to find DUI support in Albuquerque to help cope with the changes that severe injuries or the loss of a loved one can bring.

Legal and Judicial Stress

DUI accident victims or surviving family members may have legal rights against the drunk driver at fault for the crash. However, the claims process can often become complex and time-consuming for those already focused on physical and emotional recovery. Working with a DUI accident attorney can help victims and families obtain the financial recovery and justice they deserve while giving them the space they need to process their grief.

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