Camilo Marulanda

Camilo Marulanda - Case Manager

Hello! My name is Camilo, and I’m Colombian who really likes coffee, arepas, and chunchullo. I have a rescued dog named Ita, and one of my favorite things is to go on walks with her and give her as much chicken as she can take; that’s basically what I work for. Together, with my girlfriend of 2 years, we take care of Ita since she’s old and rusty.

In my free time, I like reading fiction and self-help books, watching movies, and spending time with the people I love. My work is fulfilling and allows me to spend more time with my loved ones since there’s no commute and the hours are flexible. Being able to help people at their most vulnerable after an accident is comforting at the end of each day, and I thank Parnall Law for that.