What Kind of Music to Listen to When Driving

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While some factors in car accidents cannot be controlled, you can control the kind of music you listen to when driving. Studies have shown that the type of music you listen to behind the wheel can heavily influence the speed and safety of your driving.

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What Type of Music Makes You Drive Fast?

Researchers have found that music with higher tempos, specifically songs with more than 120 beats per minute, can negatively influence the way you drive. The faster a song’s tempo is, the more likely the driver is to drive over the speed limit and take riskier lane maneuvers, researchers found.

Songs with fast tempos naturally increase your heart rate, which can subconsciously cause you to speed up quicker and brake more heavily. One study found that drivers changed lanes about 70 times in one hour when listening to low-bpm music or no music at all, while those who listened to fast-paced music switched lanes 140 times.

What is the Best Type of Music to Listen to While Driving for Safety?

We know that certain types of music can evoke different emotions and reactions. But what kind of music will help you drive your safest?

Studies have shown that the best type of music to listen to for cautious driving is music with a tempo that closely matches the human heartbeat, or between 60 and 80 bpm.

Whatever genre of music you choose to listen to while driving, try to play songs with lower beats per minute, and be sure to prepare your playlist before you get on the road to avoid distractions. Any music choice is dangerous when it takes your eyes off the road.

What Are Some Spotify Playlists We Recommend for Driving Based on the Research?

We know it might be hard to find the perfect playlist for your next road trip, so we have you covered. We’ve found some Spotify playlists with low bpm to help give you a safe and enjoyable drive:

  • Hanging Out and Relaxing – This varied playlist contains relaxing, comforting songs by different artists sure to keep you relaxed and focused on the road.
  • 60 BPM – This playlist contains over 800 songs all-around 60 bpm, perfect for keeping you concentrated on the drive.
  • 60-80 BPM – This one is for the classical music lover.

Spotify also allows its users to make their own playlists and organize their songs by bpm. Log in to your account and go to Organize Your Music to create your own safe driving playlists.

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