5 Things You Need to Know About Slip & Fall Accidents

slip and fall

Whether you’ve recently had a slip and fall accident, or simply wish to inform yourself, here are five things everyone should know about slip and fall accidents:

  1. You need to see a doctor
    Your slip and fall case will go nowhere fast if you don’t have detailed documentation of the expenses and damages you’ve received as a result—and for the absolute best case, you’re going to want as much medical documentation as possible. That means going to the doctor immediately, going to all of your follow up appointments, and creating as thorough a paper trail as possible. You should also start generating records of other expenses, pains, and problems; though this won’t be as valuable, it is still useful evidence to reinforce your case.
  2. You need to see an attorney
    It doesn’t matter if your case seems like an inevitable success on the surface; speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Injury cases, like all law, often come down to extremely nuanced, specific, and technical questions and answers. If you don’t know the questions, nor how to phrase the answers, it’s possible you may thwart your own case, regardless of the truth of the matter. If you don’t have an attorney and need one in the area, contact Parnall Law Firm, for a superior slip and fall accident lawyer in Albuquerque.
  3. You shouldn’t talk about your accident
    You’re shaken up, you’re missing work, you probably want to explain why, but keep it as short as possible and don’t talk about the specifics with anyone. Your best friend may not want to say something damaging to you in court, but with a subpoena compelling him or her, that’s no longer their decision. Make things safer for yourself and everyone around you by avoiding conversations about your accident until the case is settled.
  4. You shouldn’t agree to or sign anything
    Even nodding your head or absentmindedly agreeing to some inane statement at the scene of the incident can become an obstacle to your case down the line, so put on your cynic hat and assume every word said and document put in front of you has malicious intent behind it until you’ve spoken to your attorney. If this seems harsh, remember this last point:
  5. You want to protect yourself, not get revenge
    You may feel like it’s no big deal, that your injury doesn’t warrant being harsh, and your insurance will cover it—but a minor injury today can reveal itself in a big way down the line. If you don’t take steps immediately to appropriately allocate blame under the law, you’re exposing yourself to disaster down the line. It’s not about revenge or punishment: it’s about keeping yourself and your family safe.

If you’ve been involved in a slip and fall accident, speak with an attorney at Parnall Law Firm, today to get more information from a trusted, experienced source. These types of accidents can be complicated, but we’re here to help you through it from start to finish.