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"Bert Parnall:
My father was a law professor and the dean at one point. Our home was about two blocks away, and I would bike around the law school. All the professors there were friends. They knew each other. They still know each other. They had children about my age as well, so we learned about rule of law and how to think like a lawyer. We're really part of a family. Our values at this firm are team, talent, truth, tenacity, and triumph. These are the values that identify us, they guide us, they resonate within us, that are the driving force of what we do and how we do things.

I was in a horrible car accident where I almost lost my life. It was very, very difficult physically to do anything. We were getting a lot of different messages from the medical bills and the car insurance. I found Bert because a friend recommended him. He's very, very kind, very sensitive about how you're feeling, very knowledgeable. When he was in the hearing, he's another Bert. He's on the front. He will fight for whatever he thinks is your right to have. They have excellent service, and they make me feel so comfortable. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Bert Parnall:
Justice is not just a result. It's the road we help our client walk. Most people have never been to a lawyer. They're here with us because something has happened, and there's been great harm. They need a lawyer who's going to fight for them, who's going to advocate and who's going to champion them. We want to give voice and value to your heart and achieve the consequence, the closure, and the compensation that you deserve. The past can't be changed, but the future has yet to be written. At Parnell Law we're here to help. We will listen. Then we will fight. Then we will win."

The five core values of Parnall Law Firm are Team, Talent, Truth, Tenacity and Triumph. Learn more about how our firm handles personal injury cases in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We will listen, we will fight, and then we will win.

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