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Written Discovery to Plaintiff Process | Parnall Law Firm

"As we mentioned previously, the defense lawyer has the opportunity to send you written questions and now has done that. We will do our best to fill in the answers we know. Then we'll send you our draft answers for you to review. Do you best to revise them to make the answers accurate and complete.

If you are concerned that the questions seem overreaching, that's normal. The court, the judge generally allows for broad questions, even if the answers are not allowed in trial. If you have a concern please write down your concern, but also answer the question. Your lawyer can discuss the concern with you and whether or not the objection should compel us not to send the answer to defense counsel.

Please make sure not to write not applicable or N/A, as most questions require an actual response and the defendant is entitled to receive this information. Please send us your revisions within one week. Thank you.

We will then schedule an appointment for the paralegal to discuss your written answer before sending them to defense counsel.

Learn more about the written discovery to plaintiff process in this video, where Bert Parnall explains his process to get you the most compensation for your injury in New Mexico. For more information, contact the firm at

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