Welcome from Bert & The Parnall Law Firm

"Thank you for hiring the Parnall Law team. As your lead attorney discussed, it is our job to tell your story of how you were hurt. And so it is important to listen to your doctor, obtain the treatment you need and to get better. Our priority is your health .

We also need the medical records to help describe your injuries, treatment and recovery. Keep in touch with us to let us know which doctors or other medical providers you are seeing and how your recovery is progressing. If you have health insurance, make sure you use your healt insurance and that your doctor or other medical provider is billing your health insurance.

If there is a doctor or provider who refuses to bill your health insurance, let us know. And we will help you determine whether that is appropriate. If you have copays or deductibles, please pay those. We make a claim for the entire bill, not the amount your health insurance pays.

Accordingly, your net recovery will include any copays you have paid. Send us copies of all bills you receive, and as always, call us with any questions.

Remember, we want to give you 5-star service. If you ever feel you're not getting 5-star service, call me at 505-268-6500 or email me at bert@parnalllaw.com. "

This video introduces you to what you can expect throughout your personal injury case with The Parnall Law Firm. For more information please contact us directly.