Video Testimonial – Julia | Parnall Law Firm

"Hi, my name is Julie, and I want to share with you my experience with Parnall Law Firm. It was really just a freak accident that I started using the services of Parnall Law Firm.

My daughter was in Ashley Furniture, buying some furniture of course, and she met with her salesman and he mentioned, they were talking about what happened to me, and he told her about Bert. And so, I got his card, gave him a phone call, and that's how we ended up here.

Oh, the representation was great. They knew what they were doing, by the way, that they, their actions and their mannerism, and things that they did to help me with my case. Everybody was very friendly when I would call or come into the office, which made me feel more confident, myself. Ava was very good. She sat with me through the derogatories, and the interrogation, from the opposite attorney. I would recommend Parnall Law Firm to anybody. It's just a great firm and wonderful employees."

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