Video Testimonial – Jerry Villalobos | Parnall Law Firm

"Hello, my name is Jerry. I am here to share my experience with the law firm of Bert Parnall. At a stop light on Indian School Road and Moon, getting ready to go home from the store, I saw this other car come, run the red light, t-boned a car. His car proceeded coming right at me and hit me on the drivers side, in front of the truck.

They were so good, so clear in explaining exactly the process that we were going to go through in getting from point A to point B on my case. From my experiences with other law firms, this law firm made every word, every sentence that they directed at me very understandable. The results that we ended up settling were way over and beyond my expectations, so I was very, very happy with that. I just want to say that hopefully I’ll never have to use this law firm or any law firm but if I do, this will be the law firm that I use."

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