Video Testimonial – Eddie Tenorio | Parnall Law Firm

"Hi, my name is Eddie Tenorio, and I'm here to share my experience with this law firm. I got into an accident in Santa Fe, me, my sister, and one of my friends, and we were, got hit in a head-on collision. So I chose this law firm to help us. I told my sister we have to go to this law firm because I have, like I said, I have confidence on them. Well, I've been hearing they're very helpful, so we just came in and they help us right away.

Yes. Every time when we come in, it felt like we were at home because everybody was friendly. Once you come in here, they'll be all like, "You want coffee? You want soda?" or whatever. They're all friendly and nice to you, and seems like you're at home. That's how I feel. Yeah, so we're all satisfied with everything, what they had accomplished. I will recommend everywhere I go."

Listen as Eddie tells the story of how Parnall Law Firm helped him and his family after a car accident in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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