Video Testimonial – Dana | Parnall Law Firm

"Hi my name is Dana, and I’m here today to share my experience with Parnall Law Firm. I came to Parnall law because I was hit in an auto accident and I was having trouble dealing with the insurance company on my own. They were not being fair, not being reasonable and I’d heard good things about Parnall law, and I called them up.

There were several things I thought were great about working with Parnall law – first, I got the sense that they cared about me and the accident and dealing with the insurance company even more than I did. Well I built confidence with the firm from the first meeting. They sat down and met with me almost for an hour. They talked with me about my case and about the situation; they told me what to expect from start to finish, so that gave me confidence.

The staff at Parnall law were super friendly, respectful and genuinely concerned. I mean, they didn’t just care about me because I was a customer or a client, they genuinely cared about me and I felt that and I would definitely come back here again if I was in another accident. I was very satisfied with the result – more than satisfied. I’d recommend anyone who was in an automobile accident or was hurt in an automobile accident – anyone who was hurt in any aspect of life and if they’re not getting success on their own to get a professional on board and get some help. I’d recommend friends, family and clients."

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