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Hi! My name is Christopher McGee and I'd like to share my experience with Parnall Law. Last year right before Thanksgiving I was in a bad car accident and I hurt my back and Parnall took a look at my case, took it right away, and took it like champs.  They were awesome.  They did everything perfect to the T.  After the accident, my day to day life was pretty rough at first. It was hard to get around, having to go to the doctors and everything.  Every step of the way, Paranll was there for me and helped me out.  As I got better, they were with me, they checked on me, they made sure everything was okay with me, and they kept me up to date and let me know what was going on with the case.  Parnall Law treated me with the utmost respect and a 5-star rating.  They just made sure that I was okay all the time, even when it wasn't necessary they made sure everything was good with me.  They would ask me if there was anything else they could do for me.  They were on top of everything.  My life now after Parnall helped me has changed.  They still even checked on me and really helped me out, bounce back on my feet and get back to regular life.  I was very satisfied with the outcome of the case.  I wasn't asking for much and got more than I expected.

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