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Preparing Demand Letters | Parnall Law Firm

"I am Burt Parnall and I am going to talk to you about preparing the demand. We will now beginning gathering all medical records to summarize your case, your treatment and begin drafting a demand letter.

If you have not yet provided other documentation such as photographs, receipts , evidence of lost wages and any other out-of-pocket expenses, please send that to us.

Also make sure you completed your answers to the loss of enjoyment of life form we sent you earlier on. This helps us understand and communicate how the injuries affected your day to day. It will generally take about four to six weeks to collect your medical records and medical bills, sometimes longer, depending on the response of the doctors or other medical providers records department.

Generally, a draft case summary and demand package can be finalized in about eight to ten weeks. We will then contact you to schedule a meeting. At that meeting, we will invite you to read our draft case summary and demand letter.

We will discuss our perspective on the different elements of damages available in your case and what we should demand. We will also discuss potential weaknesses in your claim that might affect the party's negotiations.

We then ask for your authority to commence negotiations."

Bert Parnall discusses how he prepares demand letters to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your personal injury in New Mexico. For more information, please contact the firm at

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