Pot & Drinking Story on KOB TV featuring Bert Parnall

"Speaker 1:
A new study reveals if marijuana is legalized in this state, our DWI problem could become even worse. The Alcohol Research Group found that using cannabis and alcohol together doubles the odds of drunk driving.

Meenakshi Subbaraman:
Another thing that we found in our study was that the people who tended to use them together also tended to drink more.

Speaker 1:
The group also found that drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana simultaneously leads to other social consequences such as arguments and getting into trouble with the law. More so than if the person uses solely one or the other. Mothers Against Drunk Driving say it doesn't find the results surprising.

Bert Parnall:
It's a no brainer. It's commonsense. But we need really to corroborate that commonsense. Now we have the scientific research and data to back it up.

Speaker 1:
It hopes and legislators pushing for the legalization of marijuana pay attention to this study

Bert Parnall:
Now that it's become legal in Colorado, other states, we need to cast a long, careful eye on just what the effect our roads is going to be."

A discussion of the legalization of pot and the possible effects it would have on New Mexico roads due to a research study finding that use of marijuana and alcohol together increases the likelihood of drinking and driving.


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