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"Bert Parnall:
Hi, my name is Bert Parnall. Hurt? Call Bert. This is Parnall Law Firm. Here's our office, and over here is our annex. So let me give you a little guided tour. Come on.

This is our lobby, our receptionist Stephanie, some of the artwork in our office curated by one of our lawyers, a former art gallery director, Una Campbell. Here's some of the lawyers, or actually all of the lawyers right now. We're looking for one or two more right now. Greg Abel, Cynthia Braunn, myself, Pete Grueninger, Una Campbell, and Nick Trost. Here we have employee portraits. It's my pleasure to provide the portrait of the employee and their family, one for our wall and one for them at home.

I'll show you the attorneys on the south side of the office. And here are two paralegals.

Speaker 1:
Good morning.

Speaker 2:
Good morning.

Bert Parnall:
We have four lawyers, Greg Abel, Cynthia Braun, Una Campbell, and Pete Grueninger. There's Cynthia hard at work at her desk.

Cynthia Braun:
Good morning.

Bert Parnall:
And here are some of our paralegals and assistants. Good morning.

Speaker 3:
Good morning.

Bert Parnall:
And some of our other assistance.

Speaker 4:
Good morning.

Bert Parnall:
There's Roni Fraire, our lead paralegal, and Sheneille, one of our assistants.


Bert Parnall:
Over here we have another attorney in this office. There's Nick Trost. Good morning, Nick.

Nick Trost:
How are you? Good morning, Bert.

Bert Parnall:
And Marcia, our runner, is in the office right now at one of the desks that's waiting to be filled by a new lawyer here. Who's off who we're looking for and looking to add. Here's my office.

And now let me take you to the kitchen. Here's our kitchen where we have breakfasts and lunches. We also meet twice a week for huddles, where we all go through from the last few days a win, a stop, meaning a challenge, and a priority. We also have the health bar where we give any of the employees fruit, jerky, protein bars, nuts, and salads and sandwich fixings. And of course there's also a fridge for anything they want to put in there. Now let's go to the annex.

And of course, here's our lovely patio where we celebrate lunches, including anniversary lunches, celebrating the anniversaries of employees for however many years they've worked here.

This is our annex, where we have a beautiful and unique view. And in this office we have medical records assistants, intake specialists who take all the calls from potential clients who were injured, and our administration. Our administrator, bookkeeper, and operations manager. And on the way you'll see a few empty desks where maybe we can add you. This is our administrator, Lori Costa.

Lori Costa:
Good morning.

Bert Parnall:
So come apply to join us at"

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