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"Speaker 1:
The loss of a child: a parent's worst nightmare. Today, families and friends mourn the loss of 27-year-old Roberto Mendez, 23-year-old Sergio Mendez-Aguirre, and 20-year-old Grace Sinfield. Police Officer Simon Drobik says Jaramillo was driving northbound on the I-25 Frontage Road towards I-40 when he collided with a westbound vehicle.

Simon Drobik:
We know that a vehicle being driven by Mr. Jaramillo, highly intoxicated, slammed or T-boned into a vehicle driven by two males and a female. All three were pronounced dead at the scene.

Speaker 1:
Bert Parnall is a lawyer and advocate for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. He says he's handled a handful of drunk driving cases at this intersection, and while he says something needs to change concerning the roadway, the driver must be held accountable.

Bert Parnall:
He blazed through the red light. When he blazed through that red light, when he had his foot on the gas pedal, and in fact, when he even got behind the wheel, that is like pulling the trigger.

Speaker 1:
Parnall wants the families of the victims to know MADD is there to help.

Bert Parnall:
We hope that they get in touch with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, so that MADD, the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, so that the advocates can be a buffer, be a resource, and just help throughout the whole criminal process."

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