DWI Arrest Numbers story on KOB TV featuring Bert Parnall

"Bert Parnall:
For every drunk driving arrest, the average drunk driver has been out there drinking and driving for about 80 times.

Speaker 1:
Attorney Bert Parnall represents people hurt by drunk drivers. He's also the spokesperson for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Bert Parnall:
Well, we think that the Department of Transportation messages are helping get through, Mothers Against Drunk Driving messages are helping get through to the casual offenders, and social media. So people are more aware.

Speaker 1:
Take a look at the numbers. In 2010, Albuquerque police arrested a little more than 2,000 people for DWI, and about 300 more the next year. But in 2012, the number of arrests skyrocketed to nearly 4,000. And it's been back down to around 2,200 the past two years. So why the spike three years ago? Parnall credits cops.

Bert Parnall:
I think they were doing a great job. I think that our law enforcement has better strategies for catching people.

Speaker 1:
And Parnall says there's also good reasons for the decrease over the past two years, including people using ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft. But while arrests have gone down, one disturbing number has gone up.

Bert Parnall:
Despite this incline or decline in arrests, the number of fatalities has gone up."

KOB TV 4 discusses the rise and fall of arrest numbers in the last several years with MADD spokesperson and local attorney Bert Parnall.

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