Bert Parnall Cell Phone Number | Accident Attorney Albuquerque

"For years, Parnall Law has helped thousands of injured New Mexicans. I'm attorney Bert Parnall. If you're hurt, call me before you talk to the insurance company. My personal cell number is 750-7679. 750-7679, you can reach me anytime. The consultation is free. You can also reach my law office day or night at 332-Bert, or call my cell. I'm attorney Bert Parnall and we're here to help anytime."

At Parnall Law, we are there for our clients, day or night, which is why I have made my personal cell phone number available for anyone who needs it.

Have you been injured in a car wreck or by the actions or carelessness of another? Our attorneys at Parnall Law can provide the legal guidance you need for your case!