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After Settlement Subrogation | Parnall Law Firm

"I am Bert Parnall and I am going to talk to you about subrogation resolution. Your case settled, congratulations. There is, however, still another step in the process before we can disburse your funds.

We previously discussed having to pay any medical bills or subrogation claims. Sometimes it takes two and three weeks to get the health insurance company to calculate what they they think they paid on their behalf or get the medical provider to calculate what they think is owed, if anything.

We'll then investigate investigate whether a reduction is appropriate. Please be patient and let us do our best to negotiate a reduction. Again, rushing this process may negatively affect your ultimate recovery. We will contact you as soon as the process is completed to schedule your disbursement meeting that will genrtally bring your claim to its final conclusion. "

This video gives information about what to expect after settlement subrogation. For more information, please contact the personal injury lawyers at Parnall Law Firm:

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