Working with Bert Parnall and associates was both an eye opener and pleasure. I was badly injured and had to turn to someone in order to represent me in my case. The law is very complex, and as I found, very confusing when it comes to insurance companies. Bert made us (wife and I) feel at ease and assured that he would do the best to solve my case. A total of 3 years was spent on the case, which was difficult as I was going through a lot of medical issues from my accident. Bert and his team kept me informed through the whole process, working extremely hard on the case. They were able to uncover some issues that I feel would have been very difficult, if not impossible to do and feel many others would have failed to do so.

The one word I can use to describe Bert is TRUST! You can totally trust he and his associates to do what is right with the law. They are honest, hard-working, good folks – the kind we need a lot more of in our world. In my case, I felt like I had to totally expose my whole life. This is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone and they made it as comfortable and confidential as possible. They have a genuine interest in your case, and most of all, in you. There is a definite sense of caring that you feel with them. I would put my trust in them without reservation.

The funny thing for me is the slogan: “Hurt? Call Bert.” We used to chuckle when we saw the commercials (in a good way, it’s catchy). But now to me it’s more like, “Hurt? Trust Bert.” He and his firm are all stand up folks!!!