Hi, my name is Penny. I am here to share my experience from Parnall Law Firm. My son was killed in a hit-and-run, and I was referred here to them because of how sensitive of an issue it was and they told me that these were the people to go to because they were very sensitive and understanding. They were amazing. They did everything in their power to be able to help us. They did everything very professionally and in such a sensitive way that it was a major impact on my life of how they took care of the sensitive situation that we had. When I had my interview the first time, they were very caring and I could feel that they were generally working or going to work on my behalf and make sure that the issue was resolved as quickly as possible. The staff were amazing. They always ask if you want something to drink. They always ask you if you are OK, how you’ve been, give you a hug if you needed a hug. They are very caring. I was 100 percent satisfied with the results. I refer friends, family, anyone to this company. They are absolutely amazing people.