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With some of America’s hardest jobs to perform each day, oilfield workers earn every penny of their pay. Severe injuries and death are tragically common when various issues arise, and data supports this fact. There were 349 severe injuries during a single two-year period in jobs related to support activities for oil and gas operations. Oil and gas pipeline construction saw 95 deaths.

When workers sustain an injury while performing their duties, there will be time away from work. No oilfield work means no pay. That’s when Parnall Law Firm, LLC – a firm with New Mexico oilfield injury lawyers ready to fight for compensation – springs into action.

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Oil and Gas Injuries

With thousands of workers putting in hard work on hundreds of oilfields across America each day, the threat of being exposed to occupational hazards is real. More accidents and deaths occur per 100,000 workers than any other profession.

If your injuries stemmed from any major accident listed below or any other accident while at work in an oilfield, call our firm immediately:

  • Blowouts – Although modern wells have blowout preventers, there may be an occasional surge of oil that, because of extreme pressure, can cause severe injury or death. Accidental ignition of this pressurized oil could lead to catastrophe.
  • Explosions – The result of blowouts is an exploding rig. This could lead to numerous injuries or deaths depending on the amount of pressure being released, if any equipment is thrown during the process, and so forth.
  • High pressure in wells – Well pressure that isn’t adequately contained could cause the pressure to blow through the soil, throwing people and items in its path and injuring or killing innocent workers.
  • Defective equipment – From damaged tongs and manufacturing defects to design flaws and corroded parts, faulty equipment could easily prevent workers from doing their jobs – not to mention cause death or injury.
  • Poisonous gas exposure – Drilling deep underground can cause contact with pipes some cameras can’t see or detect. This could lead to toxic exposure to hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mercury, silica, or naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM). Prolonged exposure can lead to long-term breathing problems or death.
  • Electrocutions – Underground wiring that makes contact with equipment workers use each day could lead to electrocution. Also, if nearby utility poles give way, wires could snap and electrocute people nearby.
  • Slip and fall injuriesOil is undoubtedly slick, which you’ve probably seen sensationalized in cartoons or movies. The threat of injuring the back, or neck, breaking bones and even becoming paralyzed from a fall on oil spills is very real.
  • Use of improper equipment for the task – Unaware or too busy to guide workers to use proper machinery, supervisors may direct new employees to use inappropriate or antiquated equipment to drill, lay pipe, secure pipe, or fix other parts of an oil rig. This could lead to severe injury or death.
  • Operation of machinery or equipment while under the influence – At times, workers may operate machinery while drinking or doing illegal drugs. When other innocent workers get injured because of that intoxicated person’s inability to operate large equipment, injuries or death can happen.

Our oilfield explosion lawyers concentrate on investigating the root cause of your accident, talking to coworkers who may have seen the explosion, blowout or act of negligence, and then negotiating settlement options with your employer and their insurer.

Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury Claims in Oilfield Accidents

Because New Mexico employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance on their employees, injured workers may receive compensation if they’ve been injured regardless of fault. Our oilfield burn injury lawyers are prepared to aid in seeking these benefits or appeal if your claim was denied or undervalued.

Employers who retaliate against injured workers for filing worker’s compensation claims may be held liable under the law, too. Discuss your case with an experienced oilfield accident attorney immediately if you believe your employer has retaliated after you filed for benefits.

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Personal injury claims may also apply to your oilfield accident. If you’re able to prove that you were injured due to negligence on the part of a contractor or other non-employee third party, our Hobbs and Carlsbad oilfield injury attorneys are ready to analyze the accident to determine if a third-party lawsuit may be an option.

Did faulty equipment cause your injury? It may be possible to hold the manufacturer accountable for providing shoddy equipment to use while drilling or constructing pipe or performing other oilfield tasks. Did your employer create an environment where unnecessary hazards caused injury? We can work to hold them accountable for not having your safety in mind.

If you’re still waiting to file your injury claim, remember that New Mexico state statute puts a three-year time limit on filing personal injury claims. Wrongful death claims must be filed within three years of your loved one’s passing.

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There are many potential parties who may be responsible after an oilfield accident in New Mexico. A casing crew, wireline services, company man, roustabout the drilling crew, or many others could be responsible for your injury, depending on the circumstances.

Armed with skilled negotiation tactics and the desire to help our clients recover, our firm works diligently to hold insurers and oil accountable. The oilfield injury attorneys from Parnall Law Firm, LLC offer dedicated representation in all areas of New Mexico workplace injury law and will fight oil companies to seek proper compensation for your injuries and related losses. Depending on the circumstances, we can pursue benefits for medical bills, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering, and money for personal items of value damaged on the oilfield.

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