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Law School Scholarship Sponsored by Parnall Law

Parnall Law is proud to introduce and begin introducing our law school scholarship contest to law school students beginning in 2021. Our law school contest is an essay-based scholarship asking the question; Why Do You Want to Study Law? 

We are asking you to write 300-400 words answering the question of why you decided to study law and the best written and most compelling will be selected. 

We are offering a $2,500 award amount for the selected scholarship recipient to put towards their law school tuition. To qualify and submit your essay follow the details below:

**Please submit your scholarship essay by December 31, 2020. If you do not submit your essay by this date, you will not be eligible for the scholarship. No late submissions will be accepted.


  • Submit your information using the link below
  • For essay submissions: (doc., docx., or .pdf versions only please)
  • Please also submit an official transcript and student ID information (.jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, etc.)
    Submit Your Entry Here.


  • Students are expected to write a 300-400 word essay about what influenced their legal career and why they are pursuing law school.
  • The winner with the most compelling essay will receive a $2,500 law school scholarship award amount.


  • One (1) winner will receive $2,500 to put towards their law school tuition


  • A minimum word count of 300 words, but no more than 400 words
  • Must be currently enrolled or accepted in an accredited law school


  • In order to apply for this scholarship, you must be enrolled at an accredited law school
  • If you have applied to a law school and have not been accepted yet, you may apply for the scholarship, however, the scholarship will be awarded to a student already enrolled at an accredited law school


  • Submit Your Essay by August 1, 2021
  • One winner will be selected by email August 15, 2021