Team Lead, Intake and Evidence


To follow the mission statement of the Intake Specialist position and embody the ideal PLF Intake Specialist.

To train new Intake Specialists and enable them to become independent and effective members of PLF.

To provide continuous coaching and feedback to all Intake Specialists by maintaining active involvement in their caseloads.

To motivate not only the Intake Specialist but all members of PLF to work according to the values of PLF.

RESULTS/OUTCOMES (What you must get done):

  • Achieve a 95% conversion rate for the Intake Department as a whole.
  • Convert all PND cases within 3 days of initial inquiry.
  • Ensure 60 Day client check-ins never exceed 25 cases for Intake Team as a whole
  • Ensure overdue tasks never exceed 50 for Intake Team as a whole
  • Ensure decline letters go out to non-clients within 5 days of decision.
  • Ensure requests for police reports are completed within 24 hours of retention
  • Ensure that all standard IPRAs/evidence requests are completed within 3 days of receipt of police reports
  • Ensure evidence summaries are completed with 14 days of receipt of all evidence
  • Maintain SOL updates on all association cases and report by beginning of each month before monthly reports
  • Ensure team maintains attendance at the bi-weekly meetings 5 out of 6 times per each quarter


  • Follow and achieve all results/outcomes of the Intake Specialist Position.
  • Listen to the conversations between Intakes Specialists and potential clients to check for effective and appropriate handling of the call.
  • Monitor the caseload of each Intake Specialist and check for consistent and effective follow-up.
  • Monitor the Daily/Weekly tasks that every Intake Specialist drafts.

Daily Task Lists are to be completed at the end of each day for the following business day.

Weekly Task Lists are to be completed at the end of each Friday for the following week.

  • Conduct 1-on-1 meetings every Monday and Thursday to discuss metrics and the Daily/Weekly task lists.
  • Monitor the emails, SmartAdvocate Messages, and Checklist Items of each Intake Specialist to ensure no one falls behind. Provide help when needed.
  • Monitor, ensure, and train all members of the Intake Department follow the protocols established by the administration staff to contribute to the smooth function of the law firm.
  • Successfully coach each Intake Specialist into becoming efficient, autonomous, and highly functional members of PLF.
  • Be available throughout the day to answer and assist the Intake staff with any questions, concerns, or challenges they come across.
  • When appropriate, provide feedback to Intake staff regarding case load, intake calls, and procedure.
  • Assign after-hour calls to an Intake staff member each morning before 8:30 am.
  • Schedule the days in which each Intake staff member will be assigned to be “on-call”. Make sure on-call schedule is being followed and facilitate any changes as needed by the staff.
  • Handle any “difficult” calls as requested by the Intake staff.

A difficult call is one in which the caller becomes overly anger or upset at the specialist and the

specialist does not feel he/she can successfully handle the call.

  • Handle any VineSign escalations as requested by Intake staff or case manager/paralegal.

A VineSign escalation is when the Director is requested to call a current or potential client to

help navigate the VineSign process.

  • Run daily (and weekly) reports and submit to Owner and Managing Attorney by 8:30 am.
  • Respond in a timely manner to any questions of Owner and Management Team.
  • Run report of referred cases and obtain an updates from referring attorney monthly.
  • Be cognizant of the SOL dates of referred cases and seek updates from referred attorney as SOL approaches.
  • Every month, receive, edit, and return the Leads Report to the appropriate people.
  • Use the Dashboard to monitor the Intake Team’s metrics and provide feedback/tweakers where necessary.
  • Complete all tasks requested by Management in a timely manner.
  • Monitor the Apex Chat emails to make sure PLF is being accurately billed, request refund when necessary.
  • Meet individually with teammates biweekly to discuss in depth issues regarding their goals, performance and, if needed, personal matters.


  • Positive, confident, charismatic, influential, intelligent, and compassionate person.
  • Conveys confidence on the phone and in-person
  • Strong active listening skills.
  • Intelligent analytical ability to determine liability, damages, and source of recovery.
  • Comfortable and confident in selling legal services.
  • Empathy for injured clients, with ability to put them at ease during their difficult time.
  • Exceptional communication skills, verbal and written.
  • Influential in helping client to realize that Parnall Law Firm is the best choice in personal injury representation.
  • Organized, focused, and attentive to all intakes and follow-ups.
  • Resourceful in helping investigate and uncover root of legal issues.
  • Enthusiastic ability to absorb guidance and training in intakes, insurance law, and personal injury cases generally.
  • Professional attire and demeanor.
  • Treats a call at 4:30 on Friday with the same care and compassion as one on Monday morning.
  • Able to follow loose script and avoid giving legal advice.
  • Computer and typing skills. Enthusiastically absorbs training in case management software.
  • Leadership skills that instill confidence and motivate individuals to exceed expectations.
  • Inbound sales experience a plus.
  • Personal injury law (particularly plaintiff) experience a plus.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Team player. We are strong believers in teamwork. If you are not a team player, this job is not for you.


  • A positive fun, caring environment where learning and growing are encouraged
  • Opportunities for community outreach throughout the year
  • Medical/Dental/Vision Benefits, 401k, PTO, Bonus Pay