Litigation Paralegal

Parnall Law Firm seeks experienced Litigation Paralegal to join our growing team. If you reside outside the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho/Santa Fe/Roswell metro areas, this position can be performed remotely (with occasional travel required in the event of trial). Those residing in these areas will be required to work on site.


To work together with the attorneys as a team to provide clients with intelligent, compassionate and determined advocacy, with the goal of maximizing compensation for the harms caused by wrongful actions of others.

To give clients and files the attention and organization needed to help bring resolution as effectively and quickly as possible.

To make sure that, at the end of the case, the client is satisfied and knows Parnall Law has stood up for, fought for, and given voice and value to his or her harm.

To work and motivate team members according to the values of Parnall Law Firm.

RESULTS / OUTCOMES (What you must get done.)

· Attend weekly firm wide huddle every Monday morning at 8:00

· Attend daily team mini huddle Tuesday through Thursday at 8:00 am

· Attend weekly calendar meetings on Fridays at 8:00 am

· Have status comments entered before weekly OOS meeting of Operations Manager and Leads.

· Attend biweekly meeting with Team Lead to go over individual metrics and goals.

· Draft and file complaints within 30 days of case being transferred to LIT 00.

· Send out service of process within 15 days of filing complaint.

· Accomplish service of process within 30 days of sending out service.

· Ensure that a scheduling conference has been requested within 30 days of all defendants filing an answer to the complaint (unless the case is valued at more than $100K and attorney has chosen not to request yet).

· Ensure that scheduling hearings are set within two months of the request.

· Calendar all scheduling order items within 5 days of receipt of the scheduling order.

· Schedule mediations within 60 days of moving a case to LDD (Litigation, Discovery, Depositions).

· Providing telephonic client updates every 6 weeks and having 10 or less outstanding updates at any given time.

· Ensure overdue tasks never exceed 50.


  • Attend Transition to Litigation meetings with client and Case Manager.
  • Speak to adjusters, defense attorneys, others involved in litigation.
  • Update client with copies of relevant file materials.
  • Work with legal assistant to e-file and e-serve court pleadings
  • Be familiar with state, local and federal rules for every jurisdiction in we practice in
  • Post all costs including expected costs that we have not been invoiced for (mediation, depositions, expert fees, etc.)
  • Draft and serve subpoenas
  • Compose discovery requests, answers / responses

· Creating and maintaining a discovery index identifying production of all parties, by bates stamp numbers.

  • Review defendant discovery responses/Defendant deposition transcripts for follow up discovery
  • Update case analysis within one week of receiving Defendant’s discovery answers with Defendant’s policy limits.
  • Set Depositions (Request witness fee, if necessary)
  • Create motion/mediation and arbitration/exhibit binders
  • Be up-to-date with each case and work with case managers/ legal assistants to complete the background check/asset check on all Defendants and background check on clients.
  • Complete all attorney assignments in a timely manner.
  • Draft correspondence, pleadings, discovery for attorneys, save/name all documents in SmartAdvocate in accordance with Naming Protocol.
  • Calendar all case information pursuant to the calendaring protocol.
  • Answer backup calls
  • Perform backup intake calls in accordance with intake protocol.
  • Work with all staff assigned to your cases to move the case to a desired conclusion.
  • Posting all case information, case dates, and litigation information, in SmartAdvocate.
  • Prepare for trial (schedule witness statements, exhibits, UJIs, etc.)
  • Attend trial
  • Follow and maintain all firm policies and procedures.
  • Proportionately contribute to overall client satisfaction and firm revenue goals.