Litigation Assistant


To work together with the attorneys as a team to provide clients with intelligent, compassionate and determined advocacy, with the goal of maximizing compensation for the harms caused by wrongful actions of others.

To give clients and files the attention and organization needed to help bring resolution as effectively and quickly as possible.

To make sure that, at the end of the case, the client is satisfied and knows Parnall Law has stood up for, fought for, and given voice and value to his or her harm.

To work and motivate team members according to the values of Parnall Law Firm.

RESULTS/OUTCOMES (What you must get done):

  • Requesting a scheduling conference within 30 days of all defendants filing an answer to the complaint (unless the case is valued at more than $100K and attorney has chosen not to request yet).
  • Ensure that scheduling hearings are set within two months of the request.
  • Calendar all scheduling order items within 5 days of receipt of the scheduling order.
  • Ensure criminal dockets are up to date with all and updated pleadings.
  • Ensure overdue tasks never exceed 50.


  • E-file and e-serve court pleadings daily
  • Be familiar with state, local and federal rules for every jurisdiction in we practice in
  • Post all E-filing costs to SA.
  • Draft subpoenas
  • Draft Request for Scheduling Conferences & submit to the Judge for a Hearing
  • Follow up with Court if we haven’t received hearing within two months of requesting the hearing
  • Posting assigned Judge and docket number to SA when filing a new case
  • Ensure a Jury Demand has been filed
  • Organizing notebooks for the mediator and for the assigned paralegal and attorney.
  • Compiling exhibits and printing with the index for arbitration notebook for defense counsel and one for the assigned attorney.
  • Creating hearing notebooks for the attorneys which contain:




Notice of Hearing

Any relevant case law/research/evidence

Research as directed by paralegal, which may include

  • Light research or investigation as directed by Paralegal.
  • Assisting Paralegals with discovery Index, when possible and requested.
  • Attend Monday firm Huddles at 8:00 am
  • Attend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mini huddles with your Team Lead
  • Attend and participate in weekly firm training
  • Monitor dashboard Metrics/KPIs and successfully work toward keeping those metrics in top shape.
  • Follow and maintain all firm policies and procedures.
  • Proportionately contribute to overall client satisfaction and firm revenue goals.


  • Exceptional communication skills, verbal and written.
  • Empathy for our injured clients.
  • Confidence and motivation to exceed expectations.
  • Professional attire and demeanor.
  • Desire to learn, develop, and motivate team members.
  • Team player.
  • Ability to change in a rapidly changing environment.


  • A positive fun, caring environment where learning and growing are encouraged
  • Opportunities for community outreach throughout the year
  • Medical/Dental/Vision Benefits, 401k, PTO, Bonus Pay