Executive Assistant



  • Improve executive’s (Mr. Bert Parnall) productivity allowing him to perform more,

higher value work.

  • Help maintain the positive and professional reputation of the firm.
  • Help Mr. Bert Parnall implement and develop the Parnall Law marketing plan.

RESULTS / OUTCOMES (What you must get done.)

  • To assist Mr. Bert Parnall in his various tasks.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports to the executive
  • Organize, prioritize and implement marketing tasks and strategy.
  • Proportionately contribute to overall client satisfaction and firm revenue goals.


Executive / Personal Assistance

  • Conserves executive’s (Mr. Bert Parnall) time by reading and routing correspondence, drafting letters and documents, answering and directing inquiries as appropriate and initiating telecommunication
  • Produces and organizes information by transcribing, formatting, inputting, editing, retrieving, copying and transmitting text and imagery
  • Collects and analyzes information and provides brief summaries of relevant material to the executive
  • Runs reports and when necessary analyzes data to assist with strategy and business development
  • Manages and updates executive’s calendar and travel arrangements (scheduling and planning meetings, conferences, events)
  • Maintains filing system for incoming documents and be able to retrieve information quickly
  • Assists management level staff as needed in order to meet firm revenue and client satisfaction goals and hire and train new employees
  • Assists with development and implementation of marketing plan
  • Intermittent personal assistance as needed
  • Available after hours, as needed.
  • Available to travel to conferences and community events and functions.

Timelines for Completion of Tasks (Mr. Bert Parnall will direct on the urgency of incoming tasks as needed):

  • Urgent tasks will be completed the same day as requested
  • Projects/tasks communicated to be semi-urgent will be completed within one business day
  • Non-urgent tasks will be completed within one week
  • Routine tasks will be completed according to a schedule developed by the executive (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly reports, meetings, etc.)

General checklist:

  1. Filtering Emails/ Managing Spam
  2. Database Building/ Updating contacts or CRM
  3. Answering Customer Service Emails/ Tickets/ Chat Support
  4. Sending of Greeting eCards, Event Invitation, etc.
  5. Calendar Management
  6. Appointment Scheduling
  7. Travel Arrangement and Planning
  8. Reminder Services
  9. File Organization
  10. Data Entry in Word, or Google Docs
  11. Creating/ Managing Spreadsheets
  12. Preparing Powerpoint/ Keynote Presentations
  13. PDF conversion, Splitting and Merging
  14. Transcription of Video and Audio Files
  15. Simple eBook layout/ Formatting
  16. Preparing Online Meeting Minutes
  17. Online Research
  18. Data Mining and Development/ Lead Generation
  19. Blog Publishing Management
  20. Moderating Blog Comments
  21. Adding Tags & Images to Blog Posts
  22. Receptionist Duties
  23. Voicemail Checking
  24. Sending Client Invoices
  25. Basic Bookkeeping
  26. Personal Errands (Purchasing Gifts Online, etc.)
  27. Project Management & Training Tasks
  28. Project Management Between You and Team Members
  29. Preparation of Training Materials
  30. Deadline/ Deliverables Tracking
  31. Create Slideshare Presentations