To promptly, efficiently, and safely deliver and transport documents and other material from other offices and agencies to and from the firm.

To make the best first, continued, and lasting impression on other providers, agencies, and businesses with whom our office has contact.

RESULTS / OUTCOMES (What you must get done.)

• Create an efficient daily plan that minimizes the time involved on each run.

• To expediently deliver and pick up documents and material as soon as reasonably possible.

• Proportionately contribute to overall client satisfaction and firm revenue goals.


Daily Priority

• Any items in the courier basket

• Police station – police reports, 911 / cads

• Hand-deliveries/pick ups


• Def. atty or insurance co. to pick up checks/exchange for releases

• Hand delivers mediation statements, discovery responses, etc.

• Deliver or pickup at ups or FedEx

• Pick-up cakes, lunches, cards, etc.

• Pick up supplies, as necessary

• Buy food and maintain PLF Health Bar


• Brochures to doctors and providers

• Settlement checks with donuts to doctors and providers

• BBQ and brochures to tow yards

• Client Advisory Panels (dinners for clients who refer)

• Setting up booths at conferences

• Etc. as needed

Executive Assistance

• Personal errands such as: Alterations, Car wash, etc.


• Copies

• Post office runs

• Bank runs


• Clean and stock kitchen and refrigerator

• Stock bathroom

• Trash

• Shred/recycle

• Water plants

Other Duties as assigned