Truck Driving Myths

  • Truck drivers are required to follow the same driving laws as other vehicles.
  • Differences may include lower speed limits, load limits, working hour limits (mandatory breaks from driving), specific truck routes, and lane restrictions, among others.
  • Trucking companies and their insurers will work to settle accident injuries for a proper amount and in a timely fashion.
  • Many companies will fight tooth and nail against people they have injured with negligent accidents, not wanting to pay the full amount for medical treatment, lost income, pain, suffering, and other losses they have caused.
  • Truck drivers experience the same injuries in accidents.
  • Many accidents between cars and trucks result in serious injuries for the car’s occupants, whereas trucks can walk away unscathed or with only minor injuries.
  • Truck driving regulations require safe driving.
  • Compliance with regulations is limited at best. Records are often falsified.

Dangers of Driving Near Trucks

Tailgating or following too closely.

Trucks do not always stop or brake predictably.

Never “brake check” a truck.

Reaction time is reduced with cargo’s momentum propelling truck forward.

Pass with caution.

Blind spots are larger on tractor-trailers and other heavy trucks.

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