Yes, One Glass of Wine Can Make You Drunk

a glass of wine can make you drunk

Don’t drink and drive: how many times have we heard those words but tossed them aside?

There is no doubt we’ve heard the horrifying statistics of drunk driving deaths (on average, one person every 53 minutes) but continue to get behind the wheel after having something to drink.

We live in a world where adult socializing often involves alcohol, and as good as our intentions may be, many of us have likely gotten behind the wheel after “a few drinks” more times than we want to admit.

Worse yet, many of us probably had no idea we were legally drunk when we did it.

Because it is only a few drinks, right? We may know the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) level in almost every state, including New Mexico, is .08, but what does that mean?

BAC is the percentage of your bloodstream that has alcohol in it. Therefore, a BAC of .08 means that .08% of your blood is comprised of alcohol. The number of adult beverages it takes to get your bloodstream to .08% alcohol depends on several factors, including weight, health, metabolism, gender, medication intake, and even the day of the week. That’s right – two glasses of wine may only get you to a .06 BAC on Monday, but the same consumption will get you to .09 on Tuesday.

And since a “glass of wine” is 5 fluid ounces, a single glass is approximately 1/3rd of a standard cup. So, if you sally up to the bar and receive a glass filled to the brim, you’re consuming three drinks, not one. That’s right, a single glass of wine can make you legally drunk.

So the next time you’re out for “a few drinks,” don’t take the risk. Set up alternative transportation, such as a taxi service, and don’t let one glass of wine lead to a drunk driving charge or worse – the loss of someone’s life.