Albuquerque's Most Dangerous Intersections

Albuquerque intersections can be very dangerous especially for pedestrians.

An accident can happen anywhere. Yet, there are definitely certain places in Albuquerque that present a higher risk of traffic accidents and injuries, based on our 20 years of representing victims of car accidents. Certain streets and intersections are mentioned regularly in police accident reports and news accounts of crashes.

Certain Albuquerque intersections have become known as among the most dangerous in the state based on the rates of crashes and injuries.

New Mexico led the nation in the rate of pedestrian deaths in 2014, according to the Albuquerque Journal. New Mexico’s rate of pedestrian deaths was double the overall rate for the U.S. Many of the fatal accidents involved intoxicated pedestrians.

Dangerous Albuquerque Intersections

Here are seven of the most dangerous spots in Albuquerque based on rates of injuries and fatalities compiled by the Mid Region Council of Governments.

If you find yourself at one of these intersections, stay alert:

#1   Paseo del Norte & Coors Boulevard

With 538 crashes from 2009 through 2013, this intersection is one of the most dangerous in the city, even though the overall traffic volume is lower than in other locations. The crashes resulted in 149 injuries and deaths. Part of what makes this intersection so dangerous is that Coors travels beneath Paseo del Norte, creating the confluence of multiple lanes of traffic below the shadow of a large overpass. As one approaches the intersection, the sea of lights, arrows, and signals can be confusing to anyone who is unfamiliar with the area.

#2 Osuna Road and Pan American East

This intersection does not have the high traffic volume of some others on the list. But it had a total of 54 crashes including 20 crashes causing injury or fatalities.

#3 Mountain Road and Third Street

This intersection is the most dangerous downtown and one to avoid if possible, according to the Downtown Neighborhood Traffic Study. It had 24 crashes involving injuries or fatalities.

#4 Mountain Road and Pan American West

Like so many other dangerous intersections, this one involves the overpass from the Pan American Freeway. Technically, many of the crashes are happening on the South Frontage Road to the northwest side of the freeway. Here, drivers approaching Mount Road must cross under the dark overpass before turning on the frontage road leading to the onramp. Many unwary drivers have made the mistake of turning into oncoming traffic. On sunny days, drivers can be caught off guard by the immediate darkness when going under the overpass.  There were 93 crashes here between 2009-2013, with several deaths reported.

#5 Central Avenue and Coors Boulevard

This high-volume intersection had a total of 385 crashes. More than 100 of those collisions involved injuries or fatalities.

#6 Seven Bar Loop Road and Coors Boulevard

This smaller intersection is open, clear, and shows no signs of danger. It’s technically a 3-way intersection. The major thoroughfare is Coors Boulevard NW, with Seven Bar Loop Road traveling to the northwest. Yet, there is a small spur that heads SE into a small shopping area with a credit union. Nevertheless, the location continues to see a high number of collisions. In September 2017, there was a 4-vehicle crash reportedly leaving several people injured. Again, just weeks later a pedestrian was killed near this spot. There were 152 crashes at this small intersection between 2009-2013.

#7 Paseo del Volcan and Iris Road

The intersection had 9 crashes causing injuries or deaths and ranks among the most dangerous in the area.

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