Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer New Mexioc

If you’ve been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else, you need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. With so many firms to choose from, you may have a hard time determining which attorney is best to handle your case.

Below, we’ve included a few vital questions to ask an attorney that may help you find the right lawyer.

Questions to Ask Potential Albuquerque Personal Injury Lawyer

The following questions can help simplify your search for the best Albuquerque personal injury lawyer for you.

Do you handle my type of case? If so, what’s your experience level?

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney in Albuquerque, you should first find out if the attorney you are considering handles your type of case. For example, if you were injured in a truck accident, you want an attorney who has experience and success in representing truck accident victims. If the lawyer is experienced with your particular type of case, that typically means they’re familiar with the applicable laws and legal issues that arise. Attorneys who focus on a particular type of personal injury case may also have valuable connections with investigators and other experts who can further help build your case.

How much do you charge?

Personal injury attorneys typically work on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not owe anything up front and they get paid only if and when they win your case. They then get a percentage of the financial award as their fee. If a personal injury attorney asks for money up front, you may want to consider working with a lawyer who is confident enough in their ability to handle your case and who will front the costs and work to secure the compensation you need in order to get paid.

How long does it usually take to resolve a case like mine?

While various factors can have an impact on the duration of your personal injury case, a lawyer should be able to provide an estimate based on their experience. The timeline they give shouldn’t be the determining factor in hiring them, however.

Instead, the most important thing is to make sure the attorney you hire is focused on seeking the maximum amount of compensation possible for you. You don’t want to be impatient or too eager to settle quickly. It may take lengthy negotiations to reach a satisfactory settlement that accounts for all of the costs you’ve incurred and are likely to incur, or it may be necessary to take your case to trial to pursue the compensation you’re owed.

While a lawyer might be able to provide an estimated timeline for your case, keep in mind that a good lawyer will take their time to do it right.

What is your track record with these particular cases?

Find out the attorney’s record of successful verdicts and settlements. If the attorney has a strong track record of helping clients recover the maximum available compensation, odds are better that they can do the same for you. Furthermore, insurance companies who defend personal injury cases know the lawyers in Albuquerque who are willing to try a case in court. They will use that information in evaluating their risk when determining whether to settle a claim. Knowing they are up against a good attorney can make them more likely to provide you with a fair settlement.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are numerous reasons for hiring a personal injury attorney to handle your accident case. A lawyer can help with many critical tasks, such as:

  • Advising you about the likelihood of a favorable outcome and the potential compensation available
  • Making sure all deadlines are met
  • Serving as negotiator between you and the insurance company
  • Putting together evidence on your behalf
  • Issuing a letter of protection that will allow you to get necessary medical treatment
  • Identifying and interviewing witnesses
  • Bringing in the necessary experts
  • Serving motions and evaluating the strength of the other side’s case
  • Negotiating for a favorable settlement
  • Preparing the case for trial

If you’ve been injured in New Mexico by the careless actions of another person, consider hiring an Albuquerque injury lawyer as soon as you can in order to protect your rights and recover the compensation you are entitled to.

How Can Parnall Law Help Me?

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