New Mexico's Most Popular Motorcycle Routes

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injury or death

As we approach late spring and summer, more and more motorcycles will be hitting the roads in New Mexico. A motorcycle allows the rider to feel a sense of freedom while riding and soak in picturesque surroundings. While this freedom is vital to the experience of riding, bikers must also remember that they are extremely vulnerable to serious harm if they are involved in an accident – especially one involving another vehicle.that are attractive to bikers.

Certain roads in New Mexico are popular for motorcyclists, and some routes can be more hazardous than others. That’s why the Albuquerque motorcycle accident lawyers of Parnall Law have provided this list of popular New Mexico motorcycle routes and the dangers that motorcycle riders may face on them.

Motorcycle Roads in New Mexico

New Mexico has a significant number of highways and other roads that are attractive to bikers., a website dedicated to providing information about scenic routes, has three five-star-rated routes in our state.

  • The Road to Timberon is a 61-mile ride that encompasses New Mexico State Road 244 and U.S. Route 82 that “has plenty of ups and downs.”
  • The Trail of the Mountain Spirits Byway (also known as Big Loop for the locals) is a 93-mile ride that begins on New Mexico State Road 152, transitions to New Mexico State Road 35, and ends on New Mexico State Road 15.
  • Taos to Mora is a 56-mile ride on U.S. Route 64 before it turns onto New Mexico State Road 434., a website that lists dangerous roads all over the world, notes that New Mexico State Road 567 in Taos County is an 11.7-mile stretch that includes asphalt and gravel sections. The website says that pictures do not do justice to “either just how steep this is, how sharp the hairpin turns are, or how narrow the road seems.”

DangerousRoads also notes that conditions can change quickly and be harsh. Road closures are frequent, and riders should research conditions before they attempt to ride through this area.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) lists 27 byways and trails on its list of scenic routes in the state:

  • Narrow Gauge Railway Scenic Byway
  • Wild Rivers Back Country Byway
  • Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway
  • La Frontera del Llano
  • Jemez Mountain Trail
  • Puye Cliffs Scenic Byway
  • Santa Fe National Forest Scenic Byway
  • Santa Fe Trail
  • Historic Route 66
  • Route 66 Pre-1937 Alignment
  • Corrales Road Scenic Byway
  • Turquoise Trail
  • Mesalands Scenic Byway
  • Salt Missions Trail
  • Abo Pass Trail
  • Socorro Historical District Byway
  • Quebradas Back Country Byway
  • Trail of the Mountain Spirits
  • Geronimo Trail
  • Lake Valley Back Country Byway
  • Billy the Kid Scenic Byway
  • Sunspot Scenic Byway
  • Guadalupe Back Country Byway
  • El Camino Real
  • The High Road to Taos
  • Trail of the Ancients
  • Tracks Across Borders

While the popular roadways are some of the most attractive destinations, motorcycle accidents can occur on other lesser-known local roads in New Mexico as well. Keep in mind lane splitting is illegal in New Mexico.

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