The Many Dangers Trucks & Truck Accidents Pose

Albuquerque truck in the road

These days, there is an ever-increasing number of trucks on the road. This is because of the many freight and shipping trucks that run all day and night, 365 days a year. In many cases, the roads were built prior to the explosion in the number of trucks. These roads are inadequate and simply too narrow for these large semi-trucks, and this is one reason for the increase in number of trucking accidents.

In today’s unstable economy, one of the best paying jobs to acquire is that of a truck driver and they must possess a special license. The trucker license is what allows the individual to make the elevated salary. If they get into bad accidents though, they lose the license. Truck drivers are under increased pressure to prove that they were “in the right” in any accident, so as to retain their license and therefore keep their employment. So, if you are involved in an accident with a truck driver, it may be an extended and difficult fight. You will need a top-quality attorney to defend you in this kind of situation.

Trucks pose terrible risks on the road because of their great weight, sometimes as much as seventy thousand pounds. If you are involved in an accident of this kind, you could have long-term medical bills to pay, among other mounting bills. It is not always wise to take upfront settlement agreements without the input of a seasoned attorney. You could be cheating yourself out of the funds you will surely need to sustain yourself in the face of such difficulties in the future. Hiring a wise, well-experienced attorney is the only proper choice. Do not make a hasty choice today that can make your tomorrow more difficult to face.

There could also be emotional and psychological damage done to you if you have been in a serious accident with a truck. There is no way to properly assess the long term ramifications of that alone. It is a must to have your mental and psychological condition assessed by a psychologist so that you can see what you will be facing in the future.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a trucking accident, you need a lawyer you can trust. Call Bert today to get the expert help you need to get the compensation you deserve.