How We Help Our Clients: Case Study 4


At Parnall Law, obtaining the best possible results for our clients is paramount, but seeking results is not our only objective. For us, it’s not just getting the right results in a case that matters, but also that we do it the right way. We’d like to share with you one of our cases and the steps we took to help our client.

Our Client

Our client, a dedicated and competitive bicyclist, is the kind you see in bright yellow spandex cycling along a designated bike lane. At 35, he was tall, lean and in excellent health as he rode his bicycle on a bike path from Paseo del Norte to the Railrunner Station, where he would take the train to work. He was riding along a new, freshly painted and paved bicycle path created by the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) as part of the reconstruction of I-25 and Paseo del Norte. As this was the first time our client had used the new bike route, he did not realize that the State Bicycle Route shared a gravel-strewn and rough side street for about 100 yards, where some old and unused railroad tracks crossed at a diagonal to the street, posing a serious hazard to bicyclists. The NMDOT knew about this hazard, since they had erected warning signs for bicyclists coming from the opposite direction. No signs were posted going westbound, in the direction our client was traveling. His front tire caught in the railroad track, flipping Mike into the air, where he twisted and landed on his arm, shattering the bones in his elbow. He underwent surgeries for placement of pins and plates in the arm, which took months to heal.

The Case

We investigated the matter and were able to determine that the NMDOT was responsible for warning signs and for maintenance of the bike bath. The State paid our client $40,000 for his injuries and damages.

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