How We Help Our Clients: Case Study 3


At Parnall Law, obtaining the best possible results for our clients is paramount, but seeking results is not our only objective. For us, it’s not just getting the right results in a case that matters, but also that we do it the right way. We’d like to share with you one of our cases and the steps we took to help our client.

Our Client

Mrs. M, age 75, was a sprightly, active senior when she consulted a doctor for some anemia with weight loss. He recommended a colonoscopy, which ordinarily is an outpatient procedure that should have been completed with no complications. During the procedure, the doctor became impatient because he could not push the scope forward, tried to force it too hard and ended up perforating the wall of the colon. He then had to perform an open surgery to repair the hole he had punched through the colon. Then, after the surgery, a second mishap occurred when a respiratory therapist used a breathing device that was not assembled properly, leaving no port for exhale, causing “barotrauma” (air forced into the lungs causing expansion to the point of bursting). Mrs. M’s heart stopped, and she coded. It took 10 minutes to revive her, during which her brain and extremities were starved for oxygen. She survived but ended up losing one of her legs, which had to be amputated due to blood clots.

The Case

We sued the doctor, the respiratory therapist, and the hospital. After a hard-fought battle in litigation, with numerous experts on either side, we agreed to a $500,000 settlement, which provided Mrs. M. and her family with much-needed resources to pay for additional therapy, handicap accessories and home modifications to help Mrs. M get around more easily, and to pay for travel so she could visit family in other states.

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