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motorcycle car accident

At Parnall Law, obtaining the best possible results for our clients is paramount, but seeking results is not our only objective. For us, it’s not just getting the right results in a case that matters, but also that we do it the right way. We’d like to share with you one of our cases and the steps we took to help our client.

New Mexico Car Accident Victim

A 69-year-old mother, grandmother, and talented artist, was looking forward to traveling cross-country from California up to Canada. She was on her way home to pick up her passport, when the vehicle she was riding in was struck by a motorcyclist going at high speeds, up to 90 mph in a 50 mph zone. The impact looked like an explosion on the video captured by the intersection camera. The motorcyclist was killed instantly, while Patti suffered severe and fatal blunt-force injuries. She died 30 minutes later.

New Mexico Wrongful Death Case

We made claims against the motorcyclist’s insurance and in the course of an investigation, learned that he was riding with a gang of 10 to 12 motorcyclists who had been weaving through traffic, going way too fast and creating a hazard for other drivers on the road. We were able to locate three of the other motorcyclists and collected their policy limits, even though they had not been involved in the actual crash that took Patti’s life. To date, in total, we have collected settlement funds of $850,000. We are not finished. We have identified two more motorcyclists who were with the group on the night of the crash, and we have demanded their liability limits as well.

Albuquerque has seen an increase in dangerous stunts and antics by motorcyclists, especially riding together in large groups. We believe it is important to force these motorcyclists and their carriers to be more aware of the dangers of reckless driving in hopes that the financial pressure of having to respond in damages will force them to be more careful, which may help save innocent lives.

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At Parnall Law, we’re a unique team with diverse expertise, but we all have one thing in common. We want to help. Unfortunately, motorists will continue to be reckless even though other people’s lives are at risk. If a loved one was tragically killed by another’s negligence; our wrongful death lawyers are here for you. We know this is a difficult time and will be there for you every step of the way. Contact us today for a free confidential consultation.