Driver Fatigue Accidents: How an Attorney Can Help

driver fatigue accidents

Right up there with drunk driving accidents, driver fatigue accidents are some of the most common and deadly threats to motorists on the road today. And whether it is a long-haul trucker passing out behind the wheel of his rig, or a young road-tripper on a motorcycle who didn’t get quite enough sleep the night before, the dangers are out there and it pays to have an experienced professional on your side if you find yourself wanting to press charges. Here are some of the things an attorney will be looking for in your case, which you can browse to see if the evidence stacks up in your favor.

Accident report

Accident reports are a huge tool for attorneys looking to piece together the story behind a case. In the event of a driver fatigue accident, they are able to reveal elements like the time of day the accident occurred, and the driver’s failure to make any specific avoidance maneuvers. In the case of a professional trucker, there will also be a record of duty which will reveal how many miles the driver had covered in the past 24 hours and other helpful information.

Medical health records

In addition to the short-term effects of exhaustion that an accident report may reveal, long-term medical health records can also shed light onto a case. Evidence of specific sleep disorders can be a huge element in a case as can regular use of certain medications which are known to cause drowsiness.

Personal injury

And of course, a personal injury lawyer will make good use of documentation of any and all bodily harm that results from the accident. While not generally used to prove fault of the other driver, they are a key element in determining the amount of cash you can be awarded at the close of your case.

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