Bert Parnall Featured on Episode 12 of PILMA Podcast

personal injury lawyer

Even before starting his firm in 2009, Bert Parnall has focused on people and making the lives better for injured people. At the start, he and Alan Malott joined forces to represent injured victims. Ultimately, when Malott was named to a judgeship in 2009, Bert Parnall took over the firm and has since helped recover over $65 million for clients.

Most recently, Bert Parnall was featured on Episode 12 if PILMA’s Podcast. Here are some insights about the episode:

  • Bert grew up in many different countries and his father’s background in law influenced Bert’s world view.
  • Starting a small firm and then experiencing huge growth – what are the challenges Bert faced?
  • Make sure you surround yourself with the right people and that employees are in the correct roles for them.
  • How Bert developed a recruiting, hiring and training process to attract the right candidates for the job.
  • Find great employees by tapping into your own network of contacts and how to process new applicants.
  • How Bert “weeds out” the wrong applicants with group interviews, questions. personality tests, and employee shadowing.
  • What characteristics Bert looks for when hiring new applicants – surprise! It isn’t always job experience!
  • What causes employees to leave and how to keep them working for you
  • What books Bert recommends to attorneys to help develop their management and hiring skills

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